Barking dogs not allowed in Sioux City

2003-07-14T00:00:00Z Barking dogs not allowed in Sioux City Sioux City Journal
July 14, 2003 12:00 am

Is there a city ordinance concerning barking dogs? What is our recourse? -- Sioux City

According to Rosanne Lienhard of the city legal department, code 7.03.110 (5)(A) states that it is unlawful for a person owning an animal to permit disturbances by allowing it to bark, howl, whine or make any other loud noise. The penalty for the first offense is a fine of $50 in addition to court costs which brings the total to $100.

Your recourse can be to talk to your neighbor who may not realize how disturbing the animal is. One can also monitor the amount of barking for a few days (a couple of barks at a passer-by may not be an issue).

The Animal Control of Sioux City can be called at any time. Give as much information as possible, especially the address. The first call to the residence will be to advise the owner of the disturbance. On subsequent calls by the Animal Control, tickets may be issued. If a pet is running loose, it may be impounded.

Is the home located on the southwest corner of 18th and Rebecca streets registered as a historical home or is it a family home? -- Sioux City

Grace Linden of the Pearl Street Research Center explains that the home at 1721 Rebecca was built in 1888 for John French, president of Corn Exchange National Bank. It is in the Richardsonian Romanesque style built with Sioux Falls quartzite. It has had purple and pink trim and has a rounded porch and turret. It is currently a private home.

Was the Battery Building ever called something else? -- North Sioux City

When the building was constructed in 1905, it was called the Simmons Hardware Company, according to Grace Linden, Pearl Street Research Center. In 1939, it became the Kollman-Warner Seed Company until 1944, when it became Sioux City Battery until 1956 where Ray-O-Vac batteries were produced. Batteries were also manufactured for use during World War II.

The massive stone building with the clock tower has served as a warehouse for the Bomgars Store since the 1990s.

In the 1940s, a new country song about Sioux City hit the country. What all happened with it? -- Sioux City

"Sioux City Sue" was written by Dick Thomas and Ray Freedman and released in 1945. Four different versions of it were in the top five at the same time. Actor/singer Gene Autry starred in the movie "Sioux City Sue" after returning from duty in World War II. Many artists have recorded the tune with the most recent being in 1995 by Willie Nelson and Leon Russell.

With all this popularity, organizers sponsored a "Sioux City Sue" contest, the main requirements being that she be single, blue-eyed and have red hair. On Aug. 11, 1946, before a crowd of 25,000 at the Grandview Park Bandshell, Gayle Jean Hofstad won the crown. Composer Dick Thomas was a judge and four attendants were also chosen. Hofstad won an all-expense trip to Hollywood and given a screen test and a complete fall wardrobe from Davidson Brothers Company. She met many stars and appeared on some radio shows.

In 1950, after Sioux City Sue married, she gave up her crown to new contest winner, Beverly Johnson, at the new municipal auditorium.

What is the background of the beautiful display of flowers along Morningside Avenue in front of the college? -- Sioux City

Kirk Johnson of the building and grounds department of Morningside College says that the flower border has been planted for eight or nine years. Chris Zellmer Zant of Landscape Design plans and plants the flower beds each year and changes the look each time. A part-time employee waters them and high school students do the weed-pulling.

Attractive flower beds have been added elsewhere on the campus around the various buildings. The goal has been to beautify the community and enhance the grounds of Morningside College.

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