It has been four years and three days since Anthony Evans was killed in a hit-and-run crash in Sioux City.

It has been four years and three days since law enforcement officials and the Evans family have searched for the driver of the 1996 or newer white Dodge Dakota with an extended cab that struck the 5-year-old as he crossed the 1000 block of 21st Street.

"Finding this person would finally bring us some closure," Bruce Davis, Anthony's father, said. "My hopes are down, but we are hoping someone comes forward. We don't know how they could live with themselves everyday knowing that they did this."

Many leads developed in the case, but all of them have fallen through. In the months after the June 20, 2000, death of Anthony, police looked at numerous white pickup trucks in the area, but none turned out to be the one that fatally injured the child.

Lt. Marti Reilly of the Sioux City Police Department said the case remains open and investigators continue to solicit information and track any leads.

"Knowing that your child was killed by someone and knowing that that person is still at large is a daunting mental problem for any family that has experienced such a tragic loss," Reilly said. "They would really like to see justice served."

According to police department records, Michele Evens, Anthony's mother, parked her car on the north side of 21st Street and got out to cross the street to their home at 1016 21st. Anthony exited the passenger side of the car, went around the front and walked into the street. He was then struck by a westbound pickup that was coming down the hill off Court Street.

Records show the truck came to rest more than 40 feet from the impact site. The driver then drove off.

Bruce Evans said people still occasionally call with a tip about the death of his son, but only provide vague information, not enough for the police department to proceed.

"It is important for people to know they can give information and remain anonymous. They can get a number and never have to give their name. They can use that number to get the reward if an arrest is made. It shouldn't be about the money, but if that is what it takes to find this person, then I guess it's fine," Bruce Evans said.

People with any information about the driver who killed Anthony are asked to contact the Sioux City Police Department, Crime Stoppers at (712) 258-TIPS.

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