TSA carryon screening

In this file photo, travelers stand in line for screening at the TSA checkpoint at Sioux City's Sioux Gateway Airport. A loaded firearm was found on a passenger there Friday. 

Tim Hynds

SIOUX CITY | A loaded firearm was found on a passenger at a security screening checkpoint Friday morning at Sioux City's Sioux Gateway Airport. 

A Transportation Security Administration press release said the .45 caliber Smith & Wesson was detected in a carry-on bag during an X-ray screening.

The Sioux City Police Department responded and took the weapon and interviewed the passenger who was later allowed to continue. Whether the passenger faces criminal charges is unclear. 

“I would like to remind passengers that firearms are prohibited at TSA security checkpoints,” TSA Federal Security Director David Dailey said in the release. “Firearms can only be transported in a checked bag that is declared to the airline at the ticket counter and properly packed in a locked, hard-sided container.”

The release went on to add firearm parts, ammunition and realistic replicas also are not allowed through checkpoints but can be transported in checked bags.

This is the first firearm found at the airport checkpoint this year.


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