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SIOUX CITY | Brioux City Brewery, a new brewpub operating out of Marty's Tap, is set to open as Sioux City's newest brewpub. Having cleared its federal, state and city inspections, Brioux City will be the second official business brewing and selling local beer in the area.

Brioux City is the brainchild of Kelly Quinn, owner of Marty's tap and Brioux City, and Matt Hubert, a local brewing enthusiast who will be taking the reigns as Brewmaster.

"We are extremely excited to finally get things rolling after about a year of getting things planned out, getting all the equipment needed, and getting the licencing to do so. The craft beer industry is thriving and I feel that Sioux City needs more locally crafted, locally sourced beer." Quinn said.

Hubert said the brewpub plans to make waves in town. 

"Sioux City is a little behind in the craft beer industry, and we are dead set on changing that, especially with name and ideas behind our brews. Brioux City is a way to introduce Sioux City to more locally handcrafted beer, and trying as hard as we can to keep the product and ingredients local." Hubert said.

Quinn and Hubert plan on an official Grand Opening in late January, though some of the brews may be available at the brewpub, located at 1306 Court St., as soon as Friday.  


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