SIOUX CITY -- A man was taken to a hospital after a dramatic crash that propelled his car across Lewis Boulevard and into an antiques store Tuesday morning.

Sheryl Brosamle, owner of T & S Antiques, was in the back room of the shop at 501 S. Lewis Blvd. when she heard what sounded like an explosion.

"I came out here and there was the car spewing steam and the wheels still turning," she recalled later from the showroom floor. "Scared me to death!"

The antiques store survived relatively intact, save for a cracked picture window. The same could not be said for Brosamle's car.

"All the sudden I looked and saw the roof peeled off of my car there," Brosamle said, referring to her baby-blue Cadillac Deville parked in front of the building. "So, I knew it came off the roadway somewhere there."

Police said the man lost control of his car while driving north on Lewis Boulevard. His vehicle hit the center median and then smashed the hood, windshield and roof of Brosamle's car. It came to a stop upside down against the front of the antiques store.

The crash was reported about 11:15 a.m.

Kristina Boyle heard the crash from across Lewis Boulevard, where she and her husband run K & B Power Sports.

"I heard a loud boom and then I stood up in the office area and I saw a car jumping the curb and then saw dust flying everywhere and then saw it laying in front of her window of her building," Boyle said.

Firefighters cut away the side of the car to get the man out.

Police say the man did not appear to suffer life-threatening injuries in the crash. They're still investigating what caused him to lose control of his car. They did not release his name.

No one else was injured in the crash.

Brosamle said she's never seen anything like the crash in the 24 years T & S Antiques has been in business along the busy roadway.

"I'm too old for this kind of excitement."


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