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SIOUX CITY | When Lindsey Luck slips on her "Never Cook Bacon Naked" apron during Siouxland Habitat for Humanity's third annual BaconFest, she will be thinking of her brother Logan Eliason, a fanatic for the crispy breakfast meat.

"Logan loved bacon and had a great time attending the very first BaconFest," she said. Her brother lost a battle with brain cancer on June 18, 2015. "I'm sure Logan would be smiling knowing that his family is one of the food vendors this year."

More than 15 individual vendors will be offering their takes on bacon from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Battery Park, according to Habitat for Humanity's Nick Miller.

"Our vendors will be making everything from bacon cheesecake to bacon pizza to bacon tacos," he said. "They'll be testing the limits of bacon."

Luck said she and mom, Pam Eliason, will be serving "Addictive Chicken and Bacon Sliders" as well as an "Unholy Guacamole," which was one of Logan's favorites.

"My son loved his bacon but he was just as passionate about avocados," Eliason recalled.

If you listen to his family, Logan was passionate about many things besides food.

"Logan lived life with a biggest smile on his face," Luck said. "He'd never let anything keep him down."

This was true when Logan needed to be fitted for cochlear implants after experiencing profound hearing loss as a child.

"I thought we were this perfectly dysfunctional family because we were always yelling at one other," Eliason said with a laugh. "That's because Logan would turn off his cochlear when he didn't want to hear something."

"There were plenty of times when Logan was just pretending," his sister remarked. "He was also good at hearing things people didn't want him to hear."

But Logan had ambitious plans for his future. A 2003 graduate of Westwood Community High School in Sloan, Iowa, he furthered his education by earning a biology degree at Briar Cliff University. In 2009, he received his degree as a physical therapy assistant from Herzing University in Orlando, Florida.

"Logan became a physical therapist in nursing homes," Eliason said. "He became very popular, especially with some of the older women."

This was in part due to Logan's commitment to bodybuilding.

"Logan was always pretty buff," Eliason admitted. "Ladies respond to that."

Logan's exercise regiment probably also allowed him to indulge in a love for bacon.

"Logan had a rug that looked like a slice of bacon and he had a candle that smelled like bacon," Luck said, rolling her eyes a bit. "Yeah, he was obsessed with the stuff."

Still, he was never much of a cook.

"Logan was creative because he'd combine different ingredients with bacon," Luck said. "The results weren't always good but Logan was usually fearless."

Indeed, this fearlessness helped Logan when he diagnosed with brain cancer more than four years ago.

"His first bout with brain cancer was successful," Eliason said. "But when the cancer returned in 2014, it came back with a vengeance."

Eliason said her son's cancer diagnosis devastated her.

"Logan was the strong one," she said. "He said, 'Mom, I can handle this. I got it.'"

That was until Logan experienced a stroke.

"The stroke took away Logan's ability to speak but it didn't take away his spirit," Luck said. "I can still remember him giving me a thumb's up when he could no longer talk."

Eliason is moved to tears whenever she recounts her son's final days. But she also wants her son's memory to live on.

This is why she is beginning the LMEliason Family Foundation, which will help both children and adults experiencing profound hearing loss.

"Logan received his cochlear implants through the Cochlear Implant Center at Boys Town National Research Hospital," Eliason explained. "I'd like to someday partner with them."

Luck has a banner bearing her brother's photo along with the hashtag "LiveLifeLikeLogan."

"Logan had so many bad things thrown at him but he still lived his life to its fullest," she said. "We should all try to live life like Logan."


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