1950 snow removal

Crews remove snow on Douglas Street in downtown Sioux City around 1950.

Photo courtesy Sioux City Public Museum

125 years ago

AROUND TOWN: The school board has decided to rent none of the school-rooms of the city for any purpose. Applications are getting so numerous that in order to shut off those that might be objectionable it is found necessary to shut off all. ... The bar counter and remaining fixtures in the Helig saloon on Fourth street, between Pearl and Douglas, were taken out yesterday and the place closed for good. Prohibition does prohibit.

TO BE BUILT: Plans are being prepared by Architect Loft for a new school-house to be erected at Vermillion to cost $1,200. Also for a church building to be erected in near future by the Congregational society at Sergeant Bluffs, at a cost of about $3,000.

IT WAS ALL ABOUT FRIDAYS: 1886 began on a Friday, ended on a Friday and contained fifty-three Fridays. Four months in the year had five Fridays. Five changes of the moon occurred on Friday and both the shortest and longest days in the twelve months were on Friday. It indeed may be termed a Friday year.

100 years ago

HIGH SCHOOL COURSES URGED: A very serious mistake is made by the parents who allow their children to drop school work after finishing the eighth grade, in the opinion of Supt. M.G. Clark. Mr. Clark is sending out letters to the parents of children who are about to complete the senior eighth grade, urging that the children be encouraged to enroll at the high school for the next semester. Mr. Clark is sending out with his letters copies of a booklet explaining the work of the high school in depth.

UNSANITARY CONDITIONS AT SCHOOL: The schoolhouse committee of the board of education will take up the proposition of installing sanitary drinking fountains in several schools where the common drinking cup is in use. The State board of sanitary health declared against the common drinking cup and ruled that after Jan. 1, 1912, it must be abolished. The common cup, is still in use at the high school and at the Riverview, Hawthorne and Adams schools.

JACKSON STREET PAVING: The City Council at its meeting at 10 o'clock Saturday morning, probably will take the initial steps to order the paving of Jackson street from Thirtieth street to Thirty-ninth street. The council will order the paving if assurance was given by the Real Estate association that the city would not have to stand any of the expense. The Sioux City Country club has agreed to cover the cost on some lots.

GIRL SCOUTS FORM IN SIOUX CITY: The school girls of Sioux City are not content to let the boy scouts do all the scouting. Under the direction of the Y.W.C.A., they are planning a similar movement. The girls of the seventh and eighth grades of the Everett school are charter members.

50 years ago

TRAIN WRECK: A six-car Hawkeye Limited passenger train, running an hour late because of severe weather, flopped off the tracks in subzero weather near Aurelia, Iowa, killing a Sioux City crew member and injuring 10 persons.

DEFENSE POSITION: The City Council made the position of Civil Defense director here a full-time job, but took no action to appoint a successor to W.C. Yeager, who resigned. Yeager's fulltime successor will receive an annual salary of $4,800, the council decided, compared with $100 a month Yeager was getting.

25 years ago

FLORIDIAN ACCEPTS MANAGER POST: Former St. Petersburg, Fla., City Manager Alan Harvey said Monday he was offered and has accepted the job of city manager of Sioux City. The 51-year-old ex-Marine, who has 16 years of experience as a city manager said he will take over the job here on Feb. 16.

These items appeared in the Journal Jan. 16-21, 1887, 1912, 1962 and 1987.


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