Santa visits with children at Younker-Davidson store

A child visits with Santa at the Younker-Davidsons department store in downtown Sioux City around 1950.

Provided by Sioux City Public Museum

125 years ago

CENTRAL PARK UP FOR GRABS: The committee on public ground was granted further time in which to consider the placement of a park in the city. John Peirce being present at the meeting addressed the council and related his park proposition: He said that the owners of the park were men who were trying to build up the town and its interests; that they had conceived the idea of three parks, one on the east, one on the west and a third as near central as possible; that he had laid out Jackson street, which would eventually be called Broadway, 100 feet wide north of Sixteenth street; that they would have a cable line under the system; that everything was paid for and they would now be at work on the line but for delay of the workman who are building a line at Grand Rapids. That three years ago he had proposed to the city council land for a park which he had offered them for $6,400 and they refused. Now he offers the city terms which are most liberal and if at the end of a year they don't choose to take the land option, it has only cost them $1,000. The city can take it now, or wait a few years when she will want it and then have to pay high to get it. The park is already made and bonds are issued. Pierce said the project has been expensive and it has cost D. T. Hedges and himself $109,000 in grading.

100 years ago

POLICE FAIL TO GET PEEPER: Inability of the police to capture Jack the Peeper, who, with an electric flashlight, has been terrorizing residents of all parts of the city, especially in the hill district, may result in a formation of a vigilance committee. The mysterious prowler now is working during the early morning hours and has appeared several mornings at Sixteenth and Pearl streets, clad only in a long coat. One girl he has encountered each morning is on the verge of a break down. The man will flash the light on his person and then runs. He has appeared at St. Joseph hospital and the Samaritan hospital. One nurse was nearly frightened into hysterics. The peeper has also visited houses in the vicinity of Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets between Jackson and Pearl streets for six nights in succession.

PLAY SURVEY: A scientific and comprehensive system of public playgrounds and recreation centers for person of all ages is a step nearer attainment as the result of a meeting held yesterday at the Commercial club rooms. Following suggestions laid down, a "local survey" of Sioux City with reference to playgrounds and recreation facilities will be taken up by an appointed committee. The committee will petition the playgrounds association to send to Sioux City a trained man to make this survey and to lay out plans for a system of playgrounds and recreation centers. Leaders say the movement means more than simple playgrounds for school children. It means a scientific way of caring for the leisure time of people of all ages. This leisure time could amount to one-third of each person's life. The point of view of the new movement is that of physical and mental and moral betterment of the race. It is estimated that there are 10,000 "young people" in Sioux City who should be cared for. The playgrounds should be divided into spaces of ten acres each or less. Sioux City needs about 100 acres, as not more than 300 person should be expected to get playground use of one acre.

50 years ago

HALF MOON'S FATE: Half Moon Lake's fate was debated at the City Council meeting as a number of persons favoring restoration of the lake appeared to oppose a recommendation that it be filled in. The recommendation was made recently by William Amundson, city engineer, who cited the expense of deepening and maintaining it. The Izaak Walten League, Morningside Commercial Club and Pulanski Club are spearheading a campaign to have the lake restored as a fishing hole. Fishing, once popular at the lake, has not been possible recently because of silt which has piled up to 2 1/2 feet of the water's surface.

25 years ago

MAYOR IN CRITICAL CONDITION: Sioux City Mayor Loren Callendar was listed in critical condition Wednesday in the coronary care unit of Valley Hospital in Las Vegas. He was admitted to the hospital Tuesday after suffering a mild heart attack while attending a National League of Cities meeting.

MAGNETIC PULL: A 9-ton magnet was delivered to St. Luke's Regional Medical Center Wednesday. The magnet is a vital component of the magnetic resonance imager (MRI) and CT scanner which is being installed at St. Luke's. The $1.5 million dual scanner is the first model of its type in the nation.

Items appeared in the Journal Dec. 17-23, 1887, 1912, 1962 and 1987.