Ibukun Ayeyemi, 29, Sioux City, lascivious acts with a child; sentenced Nov. 5, 10 years prison.

Zachary Doyle-Wynn, 23, Sioux City, third-degree criminal mischief; sentenced Nov. 7, two years prison suspended, two years probation.

Corey Larvick, 38, Sioux City, incest; sentenced Nov. 8, five years prison.

Anthony Brien Kenney, 23, Sioux City, introduction of a controlled substance into a detention facility, unlawful possession of a prescription drug, possession of a controlled substance; sentenced Nov. 8, deferred judgment, three years probation on introduction charge, 50 days jail on prescription drug and possession charges.

Heather Kay Shuck, 49, Anthon, Iowa, forgery; sentenced Nov. 6, deferred judgment, five years probation.

Amber Castleberry, 24, Sioux City, first-degree theft; sentenced Nov. 6, deferred judgment, five years probation.

Bryan Eric Eichhorn, 31, Sioux City, second-degree theft, forgery; sentenced Nov. 6, 10 years prison suspended, five years probation.

Robert Loren Bechtel, 55, Cherokee, Iowa, eluding, operating while intoxicated; sentenced Nov. 5, five years prison suspended, three years probation on eluding charge, two days jail on OWI charge.

Damian Lee Swanson, 19, Sioux City, third-degree burglary -- second offense; sentenced Nov. 6, five years prison suspended, three years probation.

Coulter James Keeler, 19, Sioux City, second-degree theft; sentenced Nov. 5, deferred judgment, three years probation.