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Counterfeit $100

This fake $100 bill, intended for use as a movie prop, was located at a Le Mars business this past weekend. 

Le Mars police

LE MARS, Iowa -- Another piece of phony, movie prop currency has popped up in Siouxland. 

Le Mars police chief Kevin Vande Vegte said a fake $100 bill was "discovered at a local business" this past weekend.

"A retail transaction had transpired, using the currency," he said, adding that the incident is under investigation. 

Vande Vegte noted that whoever passed the bill may have themselves been a victim of a scam, and had no idea the bill was fake. 

"We are currently investigating the use of the counterfeit bill; obviously sometimes persons may pass a counterfeit bill and have no knowledge or reason to believe the bill is fake," Vande Vegte said. 

This incident is similar to a recent police seizure in Storm Lake of three counterfeit $50 bills. The Le Mars bill is, like the Storm Lake bills, a movie prop -- the phrase "For movie use only" is printed in the upper right corner of the bill, as well as the upper left corner. 

Also like the Storm Lake bills, subtle changes are visible on the portrait on the fake bill -- in this case, Ben Franklin's mouth has been altered so that his lips look somewhat pursed, and his right eyebrow is raised and darker than normal. 


Lifestyles reporter

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