Forde Fairchild press conference

Assistant U.S. Attorney Forde Fairchild discusses the investigation that led to the arrest and 2016 conviction of the three men responsible for the May 2011 death of Tony "T-Bone" Canfield, pictured at left. Fairchild and four others who investigated the case have been awarded the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association national group achievement award for their work on the case.

SIOUX CITY | Investigators who helped solve and prosecute the Tony Canfield murder case will be honored with a national award Thursday.

FBI special agent Jonathan Moeller, Assistant U.S. Attorney Forde Fairchild, Sioux City Police detectives Heather Albrecht and Mike Simons and Minnehaha County Sheriff's Capt. Mike Walsh will receive the Federal Law Enforcement Officer Association group achievement award.

An award ceremony will take place at 4:30 p.m. at the Sioux City Police Department.

They will be honored for their work to solve the May 1, 2011, shooting death of Canfield, also known as "T-Bone," in which three masked men went to his home at 1401 George St. to rob him of marijuana and money from marijuana sales. When Canfield resisted and tried to escape, he was shot once in the head on the front porch.

There was no evidence at the scene, and Canfield's wife could not identify the men.

Through numerous interviews during the years, investigators identified three men as suspects and built a case against them.

Nearly five years after Canfield's death, police arrested Courtland Clark, Devery Hibbler and Robert Beaver on federal robbery and firearms charges. The three later pleaded guilty and were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 20 to 35 years.


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