SIOUX CITY | A 25-year-old man faces several charges of sexual abuse for alleged acts with three girls, ages 13, 14 and 15.

According to court documents, Lawrence John Hoffman, of Sioux City committed the acts in 2012, having intercourse with the girls in a period of weeks during March at his home at 715 Burton St.

One incident with the 13-year-old was in the parking lot of a pharmacy near UnityPoint Health -- St. Luke’s hospital.

Hoffman was previously convicted of lascivious acts with a child in Plymouth County in January 2011 for an incident in 2009 and was on probation and was wearing an ankle bracelet.

Hoffman would frequently hang out with the underage girls, giving them car rides and providing them cell phones, cigarettes and taking them out to eat, the documents state.

Hoffman allegedly told a woman that he was having sex with the underage girls. The 15-year-old girl reported what was going on to her father, who told a mandatory reporter, who contacted police on April 7, 2012.

One of the girls disclosed the abuse to a Sioux City police officer and again at the Mercy Medical Child Advocacy Center.

Hoffman initially denied any sexual activity, but later told a detective of the activity between him and two of the girls. He also later admitted to his probation officer what had happened, the documents state.

Data from his tracking device corroborated with one of the girl’s reports as to where Hoffman was at what times.

Condom wrappers and a pair of female underwear were taken as evidence at Hoffman’s residence. He said the underwear was his mother’s, which she  denied, documents said.

The other two girls eventually disclosed the sexual abuse to authorities, including evidence of a love note from the 14-year-old to Hoffman found in his vehicle.

The 13-year-old girl disclosed information while maintaining that Hoffman should not get in trouble for his actions, according to the court document.

Multiple underage girls were listed in Hoffman’s cell phone contacts, with calls to and from the girls in his call log despite being restricted from interacting with underage girls due to his probation.

Hoffman was booked into Woodbury County Jail on Monday. He is charged with three counts of third degree sexual abuse and is being held on $100,000 bond.

His court date is May 20.


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