Police K9 retirement

Woodbury County sheriff's Deputy Todd Trobaugh plays catch with his K9, Rudy, on May 30, 2013. Sheriff's Office staff will begin using 75 wearable cameras in June.

Tim Hynds, Sioux City Journal file

SIOUX CITY | Those who come into contact with Woodbury County sheriff deputies and correctional officers will soon be on camera.

Staff will begin using 75 wearable cameras in June. Department training is Wednesday.

The cameras allow officers to record interactions outside the view of cameras mounted on patrol cars and the jail's security cameras. Jailers will wear the camera in a holster on the front of their shirt. Patrol deputies can wear it on their collar, eyeglasses or hat, said Sheriff's Lt. Tony Wingert.

Footage can be used as evidence and to investigate claims of police misconduct.

"In today's society, everything's on video," Wingert said. "If we have it on video, it's indisputable."

The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office is the largest department in Iowa to use the wide-angle, color cameras, according to device manufacturer Taser International.

Footage is uploaded automatically to a website for review.

The cameras, training and video storage cost about $50,000. -- Associated Press


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