NORTH SIOUX CITY | A Nov. 2 mailing by the Union County Republican Party has angered a local newspaper publisher who says the political piece looks too much like his publication.

Dakota Dunes/North Sioux City Times Publisher Bruce Odson said Friday the Republican Party's eight-page Lincoln Union County Times, which went to homes in South Dakota House and Senate districts 16, caused readers considerable confusion.

The political mailing explained the merits of a number of Republican candidates seeking District 16 positions.

Odson said several people he trusts called Monday with complaints.

He said the use of the word Times on the GOP publication was particularly  problematic. Party officials should have chosen a different name and type style to avoid any misperceptions, he said.

"It has the same core name and has the exact same font," Odson said. "You have a brand, you promote your brand, your brand has a certain integrity to it."

State Sen. Dan Lederman, R-Dakota Dunes, who won re-election Tuesday, is the Union County Republican Party Chairman and had a key role in creating the mailer.

Lederman said he's not sure why Odson is so upset. He said the party's mailer used a popular type style and although it may be similar to that used by the Times newspaper, there was no attempt to remotely look like that publication.

"I apologize if someone was confused. But we did not intend to have it copy his brand," Lederman said. "I am surprised by his reaction."

Lederman said the mailer had disclaimers on the front and back that indicated it was paid for by the Union County Republican Party.

"The Union County Republican Party intent was to highlight our candidates and get our message out," he said.

Odson said he's called Lederman, who has not called back. He's not seeking legal action over the Republican mailing but simply wants acknowledgement that the piece should have been done differently.


Visit to see the front page of the Dakota Dunes/North Sioux City Times addressing the GOP political mailing.