SIOUX CITY | Northwest Iowa remained a conservative stronghold in Tuesday's election, with every county voting in favor of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Romney's most substantial win in the entire state -- and among the largest percentages anywhere -- was Sioux County, where 83.6 percent voted in his favor of him.

The support countered backing for President Barack Obama on the eastern side of the state and in the Des Moines area. Obama ended up with the state's six electoral votes by getting 811,655 votes, or 52.1 percent of total ballots, according to the Secretary of State's Office.

Among Siouxland communities, only Thurston County in Nebraska and Clay County in South Dakota supported Obama in Tuesday's election.  

Here's a map, based on unofficial Iowa Secretary of State poll data, on how counties voted on Election Day: 

Another map showing how Woodbury County precincts voted, according to final but unofficial results released early Wednesday: 

View Woodbury County voting precincts in a larger map