SIOUX CITY | U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Kiron, on Monday said he’s delaying until after the November election filing a lawsuit that challenges the Obama administration’s new immigration rules. He previously said the case would be submitted before Labor Day.

"We are close to the election. It would be viewed as a political initiative anyway," he said.

The new rules, approved this summer, give illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children a chance to stay in the country and work.

The change was announced June 15. On the same day, King said he would sue President Barack Obama to stop the new policy. King later said the legal action would be submitted at the end of August.

King during a meeting with the Journal editorial board on Monday said he is still working through the list of plaintiffs that could be part of a lawsuit, as well as picking the judicial district for the filing. He hopes to file the case by late 2012 rather than early 2013.

"For me, this is a constitutional issue; it doesn't need to be an election issue at all. But when the president of the United States suspends immigration law and manufactures a work permit out of thin air, I know of no constitutional attorney or scholar that can make an argument that that is not a violation of the separation of powers, legislating by executive fiat," he said.

King is running for re-election against Democrat Christie Vilsack and independent Martin Monroe


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