Sioux Gateway Airport

A snow plow removes snow at Sioux Gateway Airport in Sioux City, after the road-clogging snowstorm two weeks ago. 

Justin Wan, Sioux City Journal

SIOUX CITY -- Unlike the last time significant snow hit the area (two weeks ago), snow removal after Monday's 3.2-inch snowfall is going pretty smoothly. 

David Carney, director of Sioux City's public works, estimated that by Tuesday morning "99 percent" of Sioux City's streets are at least passable.

"It's pretty good," Carney said of the snow removal efforts. "We've gotten through most of the streets." 

Plows will soon begin widening streets. 

On Tuesday night, Carney said crews will begin hauling snow into the city's "snow-dump area" at the old stockyards. They will start in the Riverside area, moving to downtown by Wednesday night, and Morningside after downtown. 

Carney noted that parking restrictions are in place for downtown's emergency snow routes -- snow has been pushed into the parking areas on these streets. 

"They shouldn't park there until the parking area is cleared," Carney said. 

"If you can't get into the parking space, you shouldn't be parking there." 

On the whole, Carney said the department has fielded "not nearly as many complaints as we got two weeks ago." 


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