SIOUX CITY | Another late fall warm weekend is at hand in Siouxland, following the previous weekend in late November, when above normal temperatures were enjoyed by people.

Winter arrives on Dec. 21, and recent days in the tri-state region have been much warmer than normal. The average normal daily high temperature for Dec. 1 in Sioux City is 37 degrees, and the predicted temps for the next four days are substantially above that.

There will be a lot of sun on the weekend.

The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls forecast for Sioux City for Friday has the high temperature at 56 degrees, with mostly sunny skies. The expected overnight low is 24 degrees.

On Saturday, the high temperature is predicted at 54 degrees with sunny conditions. A similar day is forecast for Sunday, with 56 degrees and sunny skies.

The Monday forecast high in Sioux City is for 47 degrees.

The weather pattern changes on Tuesday. There is a 20 percent chance of rain after 1 p.m., and the expected high temperature is 36 degrees, which is right at the historic average for early December.