EARLY, Iowa | Authorities on Friday identified a woman found dead in an Early, Iowa, home as 45-year-old Marilyn Schmitt.

Investigators found Schmitt’s body while investigating a report her 21-year-old son had kidnapped a Storm Lake, Iowa, woman.

Authorities have not said how Schmitt died but labeled the death "suspicious." An autopsy was conducted Friday.

Schmitt had been living at 2242 Ira Ave., where her body was discovered by deputies on Thursday. Officials estimated she had died within the previous 48 hours. Sac County Sheriff Kenneth McClure said her son, Kirk Riley Levin, also had been living at that address.

Levin, who was released from prison Tuesday after serving more than two years for burglary, is accused of kidnapping a female acquaintance who gave him a ride about 6:30 a.m. Thursday from her apartment in Storm Lake to the Ira Avenue home, authorities said.

The alleged kidnapping happened after they got to the house, McClure said. Police have not released the woman's name.

“He lured her into the barn and said he had to show her something,” McClure said. “Once he got her in there he tied her up and told her he was kidnapping her.”

Levin put the woman, still tied up, into a car and drove away from the home, McClure said, but then lost control on the ice and went off the road and got stuck.

Levin ran off when a local farmer stopped to help, McClure said.

The farmer called 911 about 8 a.m. and summoned police. Levin was later found in a barn at the Ira Avenue home, about a half-mile from where the woman was rescued, McClure said.

The Storm Lake woman was not seriously injured. She has cooperated with the investigation, police said.

Authorities do not believe she saw Schmitt’s body while Levin allegedly held her against her will at 2242 Ira Ave., McClure said.

Levin was released from Mount Pleasant Correctional Facility on Tuesday after completing his sentence for third-degree burglary, Iowa Department of Corrections Spokesman Fred Scaletta said. Levin's incarceration began on Nov. 19, 2010.

He had completed his sentence and was not on parole.

Levin was being held Friday in lieu of $200,000 bail in the kidnapping case. His next court appearance is Tuesday.