AKRON, Iowa | Flood warnings are in effect for the Big Sioux River at Akron and the Vermillion River near Wakonda, South Dakota.

The National Weather Service in Sioux Falls issued the warnings Wednesday night.

The Big Sioux flood warning is in effect until Sunday evening. The river was expected to rise above the 16-foot flood stage Thursday and crest near 17.5 feet by Friday before falling below flood stage on Saturday. At 17 feet, the river would flood about 6,500 acres of farm land.

The Vermillion River warning is in effect until Saturday morning. The river was expected to rise above its 14-foot flood stage near Wakonda Thursday, crest near 15 feet Thursday and fall below flood stage on Friday.

Minor flooding is expected along both rivers.

The warnings include rain expected to fall through Thursday. Additional rain on Friday could affect river crest forecasts.