SIOUX CITY | A weather system entering the area this evening could deliver up to an inch of much-needed rainfall across many parts of Siouxland.

Widespread showers and scattered thunderstorms are expected to make their way into the area late this evening and early Wednesday morning. The system is not expected to be a huge rainfall event, but brings the chances of half an inch to 1 inch of rain across the region, said Mike Gillispie, a hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls.

"Anything we can get right now will be great," Gillispie said.

There is the potential that the system could bring hail and high winds, Gillispie said, but the severe weather associated with the system is expected to occur earlier in the afternoon and evening in central South Dakota and central Nebraska.

The run of pleasant temperatures should continue today, with the high forecast at 80 degrees. Wednesday's high is expected to be 85 degrees, and highs should be in the 80-85-degree range the rest of the week, Gillispie said.

Chances for rain return Thursday night and Sunday, he said.