As we write this, roughly 17 percent of the 2017-2018 Sioux City Community School District academic year is over.

That parents and students continue to share frustrations about changes to the district's program of instruction for talented and gifted students at this juncture is, frankly, head-scratching.

We do not profess to know the best way for the school district to offer instruction for TAG students, but we do not believe it unreasonable to suggest the concerns of unhappy, impacted families should have been addressed and this process should have been completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved before the school year began.

Instead, parents of TAG students raised concerns about changes to the TAG program at a Board of Education meeting on Sept. 11 and students shared their TAG criticisms at a Sept. 25 school board meeting.

In order to prevent situations like this one, the school district should go the extra mile to involve district families early and in substantive fashion when it considers changes to classroom instruction. (For their part, we should add, citizens should demonstrate respect for the fact district personnel are educated, trained, experienced professionals in education.)

As we have said in this space before, one of the key components to effective government - from Congress down through local city councils and school boards - is public involvement. Simply put, government is better for passionate, informed citizens who make their voices heard.

In the case of our school district, the shared goal of quality education is best achieved by a receptive, responsive district and an engaged public working together.

For the benefit of affected local students during the balance of this school year, we hope for an expedited TAG solution acceptable to everyone involved.

And we hope this is an experience from which the district learns so it avoids a repeat of something similar in the future.