Ginny Peterson Behavioral Health Campus rendering

Shown is a rendering of the planned $6 million Ginny Peterson Behavioral Health Campus, which Boys and Girls Home and Family Services Inc. announced recently.


A local nonprofit agency whose rich history traces back to the 1890s will embrace the future in a new home.

In a recent announcement, Boys and Girls Home and Family Services Inc. unveiled plans for creation of the $6 million Ginny Peterson Behavioral Health Campus at the site of a former shopping center at 1551 Indian Hills Drive. The project will replace the organization's campus at 2101 Court St.

Boys and Girls Home and Family Services provides a variety of services, including outpatient, residential, and education, for children and adults who struggle with emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric issues, as well as for their families.

The almost-empty, 8 1/2-acre Indian Hills Drive property acquired by Boys and Girls Home in 2015 will be transformed in three phases, with a target date for full completion of 2021. The timeline is contingent on fund-raising, which so far has produced $3 million of the estimated project cost.

Phases include:

- A 25,600-square-foot school with classrooms, a recreation and conference center, a library and media center, and an auditorium.

- A 34,400-square-foot Family Services Inc. Center with offices, space for outpatient counseling services and therapy rooms.

- A 23,100-square-foot residential treatment center with living space for children ages 7 to 18, a recreation area and offices for residential staff.

The campus will include green spaces, too.

We view this move as a win-win for our community. Not only will this important local nonprofit agency enjoy an upgraded campus from which to deliver its valuable services, but a largely empty piece of property with limited appeal as a continued retail outlet will enjoy a renaissance.

We commend leaders of Boys and Girls Home and Family Services for their vision and look forward to watching progress on this dynamic project unfold over the next several years.


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