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I went to the orientation for rising ninth graders at East High School. They have an impressive number of options for all kids – from AP classes for traditionally academic kids to the career pathway program for kids who best display their talents when working hands-on. My child is interested in everything and is planning to learn welding along with geometry and orchestra next year. I have another child who goes to private school in the city. We made the choice that was best for each.

Vouchers, also known as Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), might or might not save us money on tuition. (The current bill in committee does not cover children already enrolled in private school, but who knows what a future version of a voucher bill might hold?) But what would it take from my other child’s school? Which program would be cut? Played out in one family it’s easy to see the unfairness, but make no mistake, this is what will be playing out across the state.

There isn’t any new money in the budget to provide tuition subsidies to private school students. Public school students will simply get a smaller share of the pie. - Rachel Cole, Sioux City


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