As a Sioux City resident and the author of the plan for adding paramedic coverage for Woodbury County, I disagree with Mayor Bob Scott that city residents are being taxed twice. First, our county board deauthorized several positions in other departments so that no one in our 14 cities or rural areas will see a nickel’s tax increase. So why the fuss?

The mayor advocated that Woodbury County raise countywide taxes $524,466 on Sioux City’s behalf, then give a rebate. I think it’s unfair to misrepresent on your levy who is taxing whom, not to mention additional legal questions of other cities - e.g., could Sergeant Bluff opt out if they felt they had adequate coverage?

The problem with the Taxpayers Research Council's first-heard position in a Feb. 11 Journal article is taxing only through the rural basic levy means a resident in Anthon would never pay, but a farmer a mile outside Anthon would. That makes no sense, so this proposal has a fair 50/50 funding mechanism, half between the rural and general basic levies.

Any person in Woodbury County’s 875 square miles — whether driving the I-29 corridor, at the county fair in Moville or at the Fireside in Anthon — will have life-saving paramedic coverage.

For $2.74 on $100,000 of taxable valuation in Sioux City, that’s reasonable, especially when that cost is offset by the same creative solutions and hard budget work that have allowed us to lower our levy a record four years in a row, something that benefits everyone. - Jeremy Taylor, Sioux City, Woodbury County supervisor


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