The revelation of Russian exploitation of racial issues during the election to increase the divisive atmosphere in our nation has caught the attention of those who were at first dismissive of Russian interference in our society. Their goal is much broader and deeper than the election of Donald Trump and it hasn’t stopped with the election of Trump.

Russian cyberattacks and fake news through social media outlets aren’t exclusively aimed at our nation either. Anywhere they can foster internal divisiveness that undermines governmental authority in Western nations continues today and will into the future because it has been so successful. The rise of the extreme right messages of hate in many nations is proof of their success. Undermining governmental support and fostering hate and divisiveness is their way to gain power, not just weakening Western nations, but also seeking to undermine alliances like NATO - further weakening our position while strengthening theirs.

This isn’t about not accepting the results of an election, it is about a very serious attempt to pit Americans against one another to weaken us, while they gain power through being able to manipulate us. It is warfare without hydrogen bombs, it is a much more sophisticated cyberwarfare that is far more effective.

Do we choose sides against one another - playing their game? Or, do we understand the threat and come together and show how deeply committed we are to what makes us great as a nation? Our unity. - Jerry Eaton, Sioux City


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