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Letters to the Editor

I believe the City Council is on the right track with kick-starting the downtown business area for the city. One major concern I and many others have that frequent the downtown on a daily bases is the overwhelming numbers of intoxicated homeless wandering about.

Since the warming shelter started operation, the alcoholic homeless population has exploded. They congregate at 14th and Jackson streets, buying and drinking in the alleys around the area. They leave their garbage wherever they like. This conduct wanders south to the downtown region. The intoxicated homeless urinate and defecate in alleys and near the doorways to businesses. They have no respect for themselves, so why should we as a community expect them to respect the city and its citizens? Many of the intoxicated homeless are found begging from those walking about to their jobs every day, and in some cases accosting tax-paying citizens.

I think the City Council needs to be proactive and discourage this type of conduct and empower the police department to clean up the city of these nonproductive people. I know this will offend some with fragile feelings, but I think it is time someone talks about the problem instead of burying our heads in the sand. - Brad Downing, Sioux City


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