Before you vote on Tuesday for Rita DeJong or Jacob Bossman, ask these questions:

Do you believe:

1) Iowa public education, including state colleges, matter? We need increased funding, not cuts, for our schools and teachers. Rita does and will.

2) Iowans should use tax dollars for public schools or for private and charter schools? Rita believes in public schools.

3) Iowans with job-related injuries deserve fair compensation? Rita does.

4) Iowa public sector workers deserve to collect full funding on their retirement IPERS? Rita does.

5) Iowa low-income children deserve fully funded Hawk-I health insurance (CHIP)? Rita does.

6) Iowa should replace our aging roads, bridges and infrastructure? Rita does.

7) Iowa should increase funding for our state parks, lakes, rivers and water cleanup and should fund the Trust? Rita does.

Iowa tax dollars should fund public services, not lure corporations into Iowa with enormous tax-cut incentives. Corporations already have a 14 percent tax cut from the new federal tax law. Iowa has a multi-million-dollar budget deficit, due in large part to these corporate tax incentives. Money for corporations or Iowans?

Understand taxes pay for quality of life for Iowa citizens - education, health care, roads, bridges, water, parks, police & fire protection, judicial system, etc. Taxes are necessary to pay for these.

If you want Iowa to be the state where you want to work, live and raise your children, vote for Rita DeJong Tuesday. She will work for you. - Renee Weinberg


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