The liberal commentator said surely the Russians couldn’t have tailored their messages so specifically without the collusion of the Donald Trump campaign. The former FBI expert said that the Russians have developed their own ability to get the information they needed to tailor their messages without the involvement of the Trump campaign. For years they have been using every possible cyberwarfare tool while getting more and more sophisticated and successful at pitting Americans against one another - this past election merely brought it into the open.

The Russians exploit any division in our society in their activities, not choosing sides, but instead tailoring their cyberwarfare tactics to increase the level of tension and division between groups. What can seem like building a case and support for one side is actually more about demonizing the other side. And it isn’t about support of one set of values. It isn’t about values, or ideology, or conservatives, or liberal, or race, or issues – it is about feeding any side with anything that will work to heighten and deepen, not just the level of division, but distrust, dislike and hatred that undermines our unity and destabilizes our society.

People talk about cyberwarfare as if it is about how future wars will be fought without realizing that cyberwarfare has been going on for years. While we choose sides about Russian interference in the past election, the Russians laugh as they build on their success in being able to weaken our nation and destabilize our society. - Jerry Eaton, Sioux City


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