Christmas is gift-giving time. However, there are those who never seem to fully see or open the best gift under their tree. Each year, the gift is graciously offered, but yet rejected or casually overlooked for the gifts that come with pretty bows and glittery Christmas wrap. This simple-wrapped gift, by its outward appearance, seems plain and may not seem as appealing as the others.

We will soon tire and not even recall the temporary material gfits with the most beautiful outward appearance. Unfortunately, the best gift that may never be opened by some is the most beautiful, wonderful, everlasting, precious gift anyone could ever be offered.

Be sure to open all of your presents this year, especially that one plain, ordinary one because when you finally get around to opening it you will find it to be the most glorious and best gift you will ever receive to cherish forever.

And his name is Jesus. - Connie Bartels, Sioux City


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