There are occasions when the time is right, and the opportunity exists, to support a candidate who has the background, knowledge and commitment to provide a positive influence in our State Legislature. That opportunity is now, and that candidate is Todd Wendt - candidate for Iowa Senate District 3.

At a time when communities and businesses are calling for skilled employees to fill higher paying jobs, our state leaders have found it challenging to commit the resources to provide these training opportunities. A good education is the cornerstone to uplifting individual lives, strengthening businesses and developing progressive communities. Todd Wendt has spent his professional life in education, and is a strong advocate for adequate funding to ensure that the opportunity exists for a quality education for all.

I have known Todd Wendt for years, and have served with him on various boards and committees. Todd Wendt has always demonstrated an ability to lead by inclusion - listening to and learning from individuals on both sides of a discussion. The result is better decisions being made and a more balanced approach to the future.

As you think about the future, take this opportunity to vote for a proven leader who strives to represent everyone. Vote for Dr. Todd Wendt. - Neal Adler, Le Mars, Iowa


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