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About Advance Services

Since 1994, Advance Services has been dedicated to providing our clients with the most qualified employees in the market. Unparalleled customer service is our first priority, so our candidates undergo a rigorous interviewing and screening process. Our effective staffing solutions are designed for organizations that understand the need for proactive business strategies in order to remain productive and competitive in a global market. Our successful business model is built on the foundation of the Golden Rule: The way we treat applicants when they walk in the door is how they will treat us and our clients.

Advance Services employees cover a full range of jobs, from entry-level assembly workers to seasoned managers, from accountants to high-level administrative assistants. All are fully qualified and ready to join your team. Our staffing solutions are designed to meet today’s business needs:

  • Planned and seasonal staffing
  • Special projects
  • Full-time staffing
  • Professional placements
  • Long-term staffing

Over two decades, Advance Services has grown to more than 51 locations across the United States, with more than 1,400 clients, based on our honest, friendly and service-oriented relationships. In fact, we have provided staffing for 40 of the current Fortune 500 companies.

How do we do it? Advance Services delivers more qualified and dependable employees than other staffing companies because we spend more time with our clients and employees up front to make a better match. Moreover, we offer our clients the best of both worlds: As an independently-owned business with multiple locations, we are small enough to establish a personal relationship yet large enough to structure our services to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction at the corporate level.

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Many a night's sleep has been lost worrying about an upcoming job interview. Questions like "Will I make a good impression?" or "Am I qualified for the job?" can make for a restless night's sleep on the eve before a job interview.

Writing a resume is another aspect of the job hunt that can stoke your nerves. Men and women may pour over job timelines and skill summaries for hours in an effort to ensure they have included the right mix of information to get noticed.

Though resume writing has changed considerably over the years, some conventional wisdom about resumes still prevails, and how closely potential applicants adhere to these rules goes a long way toward determining if they earn a chance at an interview.

  • Me, myself and I: While the resume should showcase your professional accomplishments, it also should showcase how your skills relate to the job you're applying for. This way the company understands you have researched the position and are in tune with what they're looking for in an applicant.
  • One document for all responses: A resume is not a static document. It needs to change depending on the job you're applying to. Although there will be certain information that can remain the same, update the skills and other information based on each position.
  • One page is best: Applicants were long told to keep their resumes concise, limiting the document to just one page. However, if your experience is extensive or one page cannot contain a long job history, don't be afraid to submit a two-page resume.
  • Failing to be selective: You need not include your entire job history on a resume, especially if certain past positions you have held are completely irrelevant to the position for which you are applying. Don't be afraid of job gaps, either. Many of today's recruiters understand that the changing economy can make it challenging to maintain steady employment.
  • Overembellishment: Do not embellish your skills. Always be open and honest on your resume. You may be asked to prove you can perform certain tasks, and if you cannot back up what is included on a resume, you will have wasted your time and the time the interviewer spent discussing his company's opening with you.
  • Imperfections: A resume is a reflection of you, so one with typographical errors or a poor layout is never acceptable. Ensure your resume is as professional and error-free as possible. Have a friend or a proofreader look it over before distributing.
  • Paid positions: Internships or volunteer work are perfectly acceptable to include on a resume, particularly for younger applicants who may not have a wealth of professional experience. Include a mix of information on the resume that will reflect your versatility. 

Are you looking for a great job with benefits you can afford? Then Advance Services may just be the opportunity you’re seeking. Our experienced recruiting team spends time with each applicant up front to understand their specific needs, skill set and work background. We work directly with our clients, finding qualified applicants to meet a wide range of positions — from entry-level jobs to professional positions. Our professional division offers professional placement and direct hire.

We provide staffing for the following:

 Work overload
 Employee vacations
 Illness or medical absences
 Special projects
 Professional recruitment

And, when you work as a full-time employee for Advance Services, you’ll receive a comprehensive, affordable benefits package:

 Safety incentives
 Medical insurance
 Paid time off
 $50 referral bonus

Are you ready to take your career in a new and better direction? Advance Services is currently seeking employees in the following areas:

 Production and assembly

Equal Opportunity Employer

Advance Services recognizes and assumes its responsibilities to comply fully with the statutes, rules and regulations pertaining to equal employment opportunity. No applicant or employee will ever be discriminated against because of religion, marital status, national origin or disability.

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Our effective staffing solutions are designed for organizations that understand the need for proactive business strategies in order to remain productive and competitive in a global market.

Advance Services is committed to working with each client to fulfill their staffing needs. We do this by assembling a dedicated team with experience in the staffing industry and who will go the extra mile for your business — so the job is done right the first time. We ensure growth and commitment by offering a quality service that exceeds your expectations, and we deliver it at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, we can customize our services to meet your specific needs and goals:

 Planned and seasonal staffing
 Special projects
 Full-time staffing
 Professional placements
 Long-term staffing

Our staffing solutions include the following, saving you time and money:

 Payroll and taxes
 Worker’s compensation
 Unemployment insurance
 Safety training
 Advertising costs
 Applicant recruitment and interviews
 All human resources responsibilities

At Advance Services, we find and recruit the most qualified employees available through the following means:

 Implementing referral incentives for our employees
 Attending career fairs
 Networking and social media
 Providing a comprehensive benefits package
 Seeking referrals from employees and clients

Our No. 1 priority is placing the right employee in the right job. Advance Services applicants go through our unique and rigorous screening, which includes the following:

 Employment verification
 Criminal background checks
 Medical screening
 Multistep interview process
 Physical capability

Contact Advance Services today and discover what our staffing solutions can do for your business.


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