SIOUX CITY – The Sioux City Bandits have three of their final four regular season games on the road beginning with Saturday’s matchup with Bismarck.

It is the third meeting between the two teams this season with Sioux City (7-1) winning the first two at home 77-37 and on the road a week later 30-16.

Running back Dominique Carson has scored a rushing touchdown and had a kick return for a score against the Bucks (3-4) so far this season. Sioux City has a trio of running backs that have the team leading the Champions Indoor Football league in rush with 908 yards through eight games and 40 touchdowns.

Carson is in his first season with the Bandits but he has already made a significant impact.

Here are five questions with the electric 5-foot-6 back:

What is the biggest thing you notice as a member of the Sioux City Bandits?

Carson: “It is more family-oriented and the culture, you can tell they have been around for a while.”

How would you describe what it is like to return a kick in indoor football?

Carson: “It is fun, it is pretty fast, you don’t know what is going to happen. You can get a 50-yard run or a five or 10. The fastest person can be the slowest; the slowest can be the fastest. It is a lot different than being outside.

“You never know where it is going. The coach can draw it up and it sounds good until it actually gets there, sometimes it works and most of the time you are just freestyling.”

The Bandits have a dynamic backfield this season what sticks out to you about Frederick Bruno, Jeffrey Mack and yourself?

“Bruno is very smart and he is strong. He is elusive and you wouldn’t know it so much if you see him, but he has a lot talent.”

“Jeff is everything. He is a lot of energy and he has great moves as well. All three of us can catch so that helps a lot and lets us play receiver as well. We all learn a lot from each other.”

“I think I have a little better vision sometimes and I try to help everyone with their vision. We always help each other out.”

What kind of progress have you seen the offense make to this point in the season?

“We are coming together and learning coach’s system and style. Some of us are new with the quarterback, most of the receivers and the running backs. So we are able to understand it more we are able to just run it.”

What is the biggest thing the Bandits need to do over the final four games of the regular season to be best prepared for the playoffs?

“In arena football anyone can win … we just have to be ourselves and come together as a team, and don’t try force stuff and get worried about things we can’t control.

“A team beat us a couple of weeks ago and they had a great game and we couldn’t do anything about it. We just need to make sure we don’t have those moments again. We can beat teams if we play our game.”


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