COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa | Ethan Sorenson's name is not listed among the North runners that competed at the state qualifying meet in Council Bluffs on Thursday.

Regardless, he played a major role in helping Sioux City North break a 12-year drought as it finished third and qualified for next week's Class 4A state meet in Fort Dodge.

"Jaysen Bouwers is a freshman who has been our top JV runner all season and last week at conference he ran the fifth fastest time on our team and what would have been 10th in the conference," North Coach Abdier Marrero said. "Our number seven runner (Sorenson) came up to me on his own and wanted him to take his spot. We have four seniors and he wanted to give them the best shot (to qualify). I told him to give (Bouwers) his spot himself and those two talked. It was a very selfless act.

"I don't know where (Bouwers') run came from but I will take it."

Bouwers finished 13th  in 16:30.10 and was one of three Stars in the top 15. North was led by senior Merga Gemeda who finished second behind West Des Moines Dowling's Matthew Carmody in 15:26.50. North junior Deven Pace took ninth in 16:26.90 to help the Stars finish third in the team race, four points ahead of 15th-ranked Ankeny Centennial to reach state.

"They showed up big time and we set up our schedule to be very aggressive on purpose to show that we can run with these teams and not be afraid," Marrero said. "We told the kids that if Ankeny leaves the door open we have to be ready to go through it. Sergeant Bluff did the same thing to us last week to win the conference so they were ready to go."

Jackson Baker finished 20th in 16:54.90 and Drake Beller was 22nd in 17:01.90 to round out North's scoring five.

Gemeda ran a 15:26.50 to beat Ankeny Centennial's Camden Cox who finished in 15:32.00. Cox entered the race ranked second in the state, Carmody, who ran a 15:17.40, is third and Gemeda is sixth.

"It helped (Gemeda) to run in a field with two highly-ranked guys," Marrero said. "He was going to be in for a fast race and he was ready. He had not beaten either of those guys before today."

The North team will be joined by Sioux City East senior Cole Taylor at state as he finished 14th in 16:33.10.

On the girls side, the Black Raiders missed out on state finishing fourth. However, East's Olivia Barnes and Lauren Van Dyke finished eighth and 14th to advance to state.

Barnes qualified for the second straight year by running a 19:50.20 while Van Dyke finished in 20:11.60.

Class 4A at Council Bluffs


Team standings (top 3 to state): Dowling 43, Waukee 46, Sioux City North 66, Ankeny Centennial 70, Sioux City East 166, Lewis Central 188, Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson 192, Sioux City West 202, Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln 253

State qualifiers: 1, Matthew Carmody, Dowling, 15:17.40; 2, Merga Gemeda, North, 15:26.50; 3, Camden Cox, Ankeny Centennial, 15:32.00; 4, Will Ode, Dowling, 15:55.60; 5, Moe Smith, Waukee, 16:06.50; 6, Sam Hall, Dowling, 16:20.70; 7, Gabe Vicker, Ankeny Centennial, 16:20.90; 8, Travis Loecke, Waukee, 16:21.80; 9, Deven Pace, North, 16:26.90; 10, Ian Buske Waukee, 16:27.30; 11, Ahren Reitsma, Waukee, 16:27.30; 12, Tyler Loeche, Wakee, 16:28.10; 13, Jaysen Bouwers, North, 16:30.10; 14, Cole Taylor, East, 16:33.10; 15, Drew Brase, Dowling, 16:36.00


Team standings (top three to state): Dowling 32, Ankeny Centennial 53, Waukee 57, Sioux City East 113, Council Bluffs Abraham Lincoln 156, Sioux City North 192, Lewis Central 193, Council Bluffs Thomas Jefferson 195, Sioux City West 275

State qualifiers: 1, Kelsey Schweizer, Dowling, 18:58.30; 2, Peyton Kelderman, Waukee, 19:00.00; 3, Sydney Schaffer, Waukee, 19:24.50; 4, Emma Gordon, Ankeny Centennial, 19:31.80; 5, Caroline Fink, Dowling, 19:33.90; 6, Jeanna Peters, Ankeny Centennial, 19:41.00; 7, Janey Meilander, Dowling, 19:48.20; 8, Olivia Barnes, East, 19:50.20; 9, Molly Flood, Dowling, 19:51.90; 10, Elzerie Van Dyke, Dowling, 19:52.50; 11, Katelyn Reichart, Dowling, 20:02.60; 12, Sophia Lee, Ankeny Centennial, 20:06.50; 13, Isabelle Schaffer, Waukee, 20:08.20; 14, Lauren Van Dyke, East, 20:11.60; 15, Grace Meador, Ankeny Centennial, 20:14.40

Class 3A at Spencer

Bishop Heelan’s girls cross country team reached the Class 3A state meet for the 11th straight year and Sergeant Bluff-Luton’s boys claimed their second straight state berth following Thursday’s qualifying meets at Spencer.

Heelan’s girls finished third with 85 points, trailing second-place Spencer by six. Amber Aesoph, a returning state medalist, was clocked in a second-place 19:56.50 while teammate Hannah Hutchinson (12th, 20:25.58) also finished in the top 15.

Lakes Conference champion Elisa Fisher paced Spencer with a sixth-place 20:07.92, but was defeated by two from the league, Spirit Lake’s Kourtney Delperdang (4th, 20:02.63) and Le Mars’ Madeline Hurt (5th, 20:03.39).

Le Mars will also be represented at the girls state meet by Kara Albrecht (9th, 20:11.74) and Chloe Calhoun (15th, 20:35.08). Two more Northwest Iowans qualified, Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley’s Lizzy Blum (8th, 20:10.94) and MOC-Floyd Valley’s Emma DeGroot (10th, 20:21.34).

Sergeant Bluff-Luton’s boys were paced by Miles Scott (2nd, 16:29.81), who became the school’s first four-time state qualifier. Scott took third at last year’s state meet.

Gabe Hannemann (15th, 17:24.57) will also be part of the state meet team for Sergeant Bluff-Luton, which recently won its first-ever Missouri River Activities Conference title.

Spirit Lake’s Aidan Bauermeister (10th, 17:08.33) and MOC-Floyd Valley’s Jakob Van Der Werff (11th, 17:11.87) also advanced to the state meet.

At Atlantic, Raegan Anderson of Denison-Schleswig was the only runner under 20 minutes as she paced the Monarchs to a third-place finish Thursday afternoon at the Class 3A girls regional.

Anderson ran a time of 19:41.92 to win and was well ahead of runner-up Megan Sievers of Carlisle who finished in 20:01.15. Ellie Mendlik of Denison-Schleswig was fourth in 20:19.08 while Morgan Goslar (16th, 21:03.09) , Vanessa Gunderson (27th, 21:51.50) and Madison Bruck (58th, 24:52.12) rounded out Denison-Schelswig's counters.

Ellie Twedt of team champion Ballard was in third place in the individual race in 20:09.28.


Team standings (top three to state): Gilbert 28, Sergeant Bluff-Luton 86, Clear Lake 96, Humboldt 127, Le Mars 138, MOC-Floyd Valley 196, Webster City 213, Spirit Lake 221, Spencer 222, Storm Lake 247, Algona 264, Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 297, Bishop Heelan 342.

State qualifiers: 1, Tyler Rees, Gilbert, 16:27.03; 2, Miles Scott, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, 16:29.81; 3, Sam Pedelty, Clear Lake, 16:33.60; 4, Nathan Patel, Gilbert, 16:34.24; 5, Quinton Orr, Humboldt, 16:56.03; 6, Griffin Ruba, Gilbert, 16:58.06; 7, Trey Engen, Algona, 16:59.82; 8, John Ockey, Gilbert, 17:02.45; 9, Zane Miller, Gilbert, 17:05.05; 10, Aidan Bauermeister, Spirit Lake, 17:08.33; 11, Jakob Van Der Werff, MOC-Floyd Valley, 17:11.87; 12, Will Greder, Gilbert, 17:12.93; 13, Eric Faught, Clear Lake, 17:15.03; 14, Ethan Mesenbrink, Gilbert, 17:19.73; 15, Gabe Hannemann, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, 17:24.57.


Team standings (top three to state): Humboldt 57, Spencer 79, Bishop Heelan 85, Gilbert 92, Le Mars 104, Sergeant Bluff-Luton 176, Spirit Lake 212, Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 213, Algona 239, MOC-Floyd Valley 241, Clear Lake 248, Webster City 321, Storm Lake 414.

State qualifiers: 1, Bryce Gidel, Humboldt, 19:16.34; 2, Amber Aesoph, Bishop Heelan, 19:56.50; 3, Gabby Kent, Humboldt, 19:59.32; 4, Kourtney Delperdang, Spirit Lake, 20:02.63; 5, Madeline Hurt, Le Mars, 20:03.39; 6, Elisa Fisher, Spencer, 20:07.92; 7, Emily Branson, Gilbert, 20:10.51; 8, Lizzy Blum, Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley, 20:10.94; 9, Kara Albrecht, Le Mars, 20:11.74; 10, Emma DeGroot, MOC-Floyd Valley, 20:21.34; 11, Isabella Luu, Humboldt, 20:24.89; 12, Hannah Hutchinson, Bishop Heelan, 20:25.58; 13, Maggie Pollard, Gilbert, 20:26.34; 14, Jenna Morey, Spencer, 20:31.58; 15, Chloe Calhoun, Le Mars, 20:35.08.

Class 2A at Lake City

Sheldon’s boys qualified for the Class 2A state meet for the first time since 2004, outscoring Siouxland Conference rival Okoboji 67-72 for the title at Thursday’s qualifying meet hosted by South Central Calhoun.

The Orabs had a pair of top-10 finishers, including 18th-ranked Eric Heibult, who took third in 17:38.48. Teammate Dawson Jacobsma was eighth (18:12.62), about four seconds ahead of ninth-place Blake Abrahamson (18:16.68) of Okoboji.

Okoboji’s girls qualified as a team for the second straight year, finishing second with 64 points, four behind meet champion Shenandoah. The Siouxland Conference champions had a pair of top-five finishers, Magan Christopherson (3rd, 21:33.26) and Mari Stein (5th, 21:52.21).

Sandwiched between Christopherson and Stein was fourth-place Anessa Schoo (21:42.85) of Sheldon. Her teammate, Mckenzie Wagner, also advanced to state with a 10th-place 22:35.93.


Team standings (top three to state): Sheldon 67, Okoboji 72, Aplington-Parkersburg 78, Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 144, South Central Calhoun 178, Shenandoah 183, Red Oak 191, Southeast Valley 218, Southwest Iowa 218, Clarinda 241, Greene County 272, Van Meter 288, Pocahontas Area 332, East Sac County 377.

State qualifiers: 1, Spencer Moon, South Central Calhoun, 17:25.36; 2, Ethan Albright, Okoboji, 17:30.11; 3, Eric Heibult, Sheldon, 17:38.48; 4, Adam Thompson, Southwest Iowa, 17:45.38; 5, Mason Tyler, Aplington-Parkersburg, 17:45.66; 6, Hunter Brower, Aplington-Parkersburg, 18:04.49; 7, Grant Truax, Aplington-Parkersburg, 18:12.30; 8, Dawson Jacobsma, Sheldon, 18:12.62; 9, Blake Abrahamson, Okoboji, 18:16.68; 10, Liam Eubank, Red Oak, 18:17.74; 11, Tyler Halloran, Clarinda, 18:18.69; 12, Noah Jorgenson, Southwest Iowa, 18:19.73; 13, Nick Stanley, Shenandoah, 18:21.03; 14, Patrick Breitsprecher, Southeast Valley, 18:25.88; 15, Jacob Lamb, Okoboji, 18:26.26.


Team standings (top three to state): Shenandoah 60, Okoboji 64, Aplington-Parkersburg 95, Pocahontas Area 99, Red Oak 101, Greene County 103, Southeast Valley 187, Clarion-Goldfield-Dows 208, South Central Calhoun 252, Van Meter 260.

State qualifiers: 1, Sophia Jungling, Aplington-Parkersburg, 19:49.04; 2, Jill Vonnahme, Pocahontas Area, 20:09.41; 3, Magan Christopherson, Okoboji, 21:33.26; 4, Anessa Schoo, Sheldon, 21:42.85; 5, Mari Stein, Okoboji, 21:52.21; 6, Brenna Godfread, Shenandoah, 22:05.05; 7, Alexa McCunn, Red Oak, 22:07.35; 8, Megan Johnson, Aplington-Parkersburg, 22:29.47; 9, Juhi Boeye, Red Oak, 22:32.77; 10, Mckenzie Wagner, Sheldon, 22:35.93; 11, Chloe Devries, Red Oak, 22:38.27; 12, Haley Hall, Greene County, 22:41.54; 13, Carie Manrose, Shenandoah, 22:43.85; 14, Annika Duitscher, Pocahontas Area, 22:45.03; 15, Adrianna Holmes, Shenandoah, 22:45.66.

Class 1A at Holstein

The Twin Lakes Conference champion Alta-Aurelia girls squad was the lone Northwest Iowa team to qualify for the state meet, though several Siouxland girls and boys will be represented at the Oct. 28 state meet.

Tenth-ranked Alta/Aurelia features five girls from last year’s state meet squad, including Alexa Fredricksen, who took ninth in 21:09.86 while the list includes two others from the top 15, Gracie Meyer (13th, 21:27.33) and Lily Peterson (15th, 21:34.47).

Two other area girls also qualified, Ridge View’s Katlyn Wiese (6th, 20:42.99) and South O’Brien’s Abby Boardman (8th, 21:02.63).

The War Eagle Conference will be represented at the 1A state meet by four boys, led by Gehlen Catholic’s Will Roder (2nd, 16:57.70) and South O’Brien’s Peyton Brasser (3rd, 17:13.39). Remsen St. Mary’s, also of the WEC, will send David Grady (8th, 17:25.28) and Shay Galles (11th, 17:37.77).

Grady is a return state qualifier along with Sibley-Ocheyedan’s Grant Brouwer (4th, 17:15.91). Brouwer’s teammate, Dustin DeRuyter (5th, 17:18.40) also qualified along with two Sioux Central distance runners, Dawson Hatch (9th, 17:26.28) and Wyatt Erickson (10th, 17:26.80).


Team standings (top three to state): Tri-Center 88, Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center 96, Council Bluffs St. Albert 119, Sibley-Ocheyedan 140, Sioux Central 168, South O’Brien 189, Woodbine 220, Boyer Valley 250, Remsen St. Mary’s 263, Alta/Aurelia 271, Trinity Christian 279, Gehlen Catholic 310, Fort Dodge St. Edmond 319, Hinton 353, Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn 373, West Bend-Mallard 446, Ridge View 484, Logan-Magnolia 494, West Monona 518, Westwood 533, Lawton-Bronson 542, West Sioux 576, Whiting 618.

State qualifiers: 1, Noah Nelsen, Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center, 16:48.82; 2, Will Roder, Gehlen Catholic, 16:57.70; 3, Peyton Brasser, South O’Brien, 17:13.39; 4, Grant Brouwer, Sibley-Ocheyedan, 17:15.91; 5, Dustin DeRuyter, Sibley-Ocheyedan, 17:18.40; 6, Leo Garrigan, Council Bluffs St. Albert, 17:21.01; 7, Justin Ambrose, Boyer Valley, 17:22.03; 8, David Grady, Remsen St. Mary’s, 17:25.28; 9, Dawson Hatch, Sioux Central, 17:26.28; 10, Wyatt Erickson, Sioux Central, 17:26.80; 11, Shay Galles, Remsen St. Mary’s, 17:37.77; 12, Joe Weber, Boyer Valley, 17:39.42; 13, Bennett Heisterkamp, Council Bluffs St. Albert, 17:48.24; 14, Brett McGee, Tri-Center, 17:55.88; 15, Jed Tracy, Fort Dodge St. Edmond, 17:59.47.


Team standings (top three to state): Logan-Magnolia 63, Alta-Aurelia 77, Fort Dodge St. Edmond 91, Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center 93, Tri-Center 134, Ridge View 160, Boyer Valley 189, South O’Brien 197, Lawton-Bronson 224, Fort Dodge St. Edmond 270, Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn 309, West Monona 334, West Harrison 356, Gehlen Catholic 376, West Bend-Mallard 395, Remsen St. Mary’s 464, Sioux Central 481.

State qualifiers: 1, Peyton Pogge, Tri-Center, 19:11.60; 2, Kate Crawford, Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center, 19:33.76; 3, Taylor Sporrer, Logan-Magnolia, 19:47.14; 4, Emma Swanson, Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center, 20:24.27; 5, Gracie Springman, Council Bluffs St. Albert, 20:41.72; 6, Katlyn Wiese, Ridge View, 20:42.99; 7, Lauryn Embleton, Adair-Casey/Guthrie Center, 20:50.96; 8, Abby Boardman, South O’Brien, 21:02.63; 9, Alexa Fredricksen, Alta/Aurelia, 21:09.86; 10, Marissa Brenden, Logan-Magnolia, 21:20.67; 11, Erica Nolting, Logan-Magnolia, 21:22.39; 12, Audrey Kolacia, Fort Dodge St. Edmond, 21:24.46; 13, Gracie Meier, Alta/Aurelia, 21:27.33; 14, Abby Landwehr, Fort Dodge St. Edmond, 21:27.83; 15, Lily Peterson, Alta/Aurelia, 21:34.47.


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