Sergeant Bluff-Luton vs Sheldon volleyball

Sergeant Bluff-Luton's Kylee Christensen spikes as Sheldon's Mary Margaret Borer defends during the MOC-Floyd Valley volleyball tournament.

Jim Lee, Sioux City Journal

SERGEANT BLUFF | Renee Winkel heard it before she ever saw Kylee Christensen swing down on a volleyball.

The sound told her she had a player that could become a key part of her program when she first started leading the Warriors entering Christensen's sophomore season.

"She has a great arm swing and hits the ball so hard," Winkel said. "The first time I walked in the gym I heard her play before I saw her walking into an open gym.

"She gets good hand contact on the ball and that comes with having an open hand and there is a smack or crack to the ball. ... You can definitely hear the difference."

Christensen, 17, has helped power the Class 4A 10th-ranked Warriors to a 9-0 start to the season which included a 5-0 showing at the Le Mars tournament on Saturday. Christensen had 23 kills on the day as SB-L posted wins over (Class 2A) No. 7 Hinton and South Dakota's Class A top-ranked team in Dakota Valley to earn the Journal's Metro Athlete of the Week award.

"The power is through a lot of hard work because I really got into lifting these past couple of years because I knew the stronger you get the harder you can hit the ball," Christensen said. "When I was younger I probably didn't hit as hard and I took a lot of lessons Sundays and Wenesdays just so I could get tons of reps in."

The power allows Christensen to rocket the ball through defenses on those occasions when the right angle doesn't present itself.

Christensen, who is set to play college volleyball at NCAA Division II Northwest Missouri State, has 53 kills on the season to sit just behind junior teammate Madison Harms' 56 while also being near the top in blocks through the early part of the season. Being productive on the Warriors' front line is nothing new for the 6-foot force.

She led the team in kills last year with 369 while racking up 205 in 2015 as the Warriors advanced to the state tournament before suffering an opening-round loss to Carroll Kuemper.

Like so many talented athletes that make it look easy, Christensen's success only comes through hard work.

"She is a very focused player, you can tell she loves the sport and is a student of the game," Winkel said. "She just wants to get better and win."

Christensen, who is playing all across the front for the Warriors after spending the first two years on the right side, thrives on the little things that define success in the sport.

"For some people it is just bump, set, spike, but there is so much more to it," she said. "I love the little things. Offense, when you find that perfect spot and you just tip it. ... Blocking is super fun and it is a really great feeling when you can get a ball back at them."

The daughter of Kevin and Kim Christensen of Sioux City plays volleyball year around through her AAU team which won a national title in 2016 as part of Midwest Volleyball Power 16. The commitment to volleyball has taken her across the country with stops in Texas, Florida and elsewhere. It was in Florida playing for a national title when her team, which includes Harms, that Christensen fully grasped what she was capable of.

"We were going through the tournament and I could just notice myself and I started thinking 'man, I think this lifting is paying off,'" said Christensen, who earned All-American honors for her play. "Coach could notice and I had other coaches telling me 'wow, you are a really strong hitter.'

"In the national championship I was getting kills that I was even surprising myself."

The Warriors have set their sights on a return trip to Cedar Rapids for the state tournament this fall and through nine matches SB-L has dropped just one set.

"In the offseason we had this team at this little AAU state (tournament) they have for all the teams in the offseason and we ended up winning that," Christensen said. "Every day we walk into practice we say 'we made it to state, we won that state now we got to go on.'

"We ended up beating Western (Christian) and Unity (Christian) at that tournament so we are just so determined to do it again."

Winkel credits Christensen and fellow senior Lexi Sneller for setting an unselfish attitude that values the victory over any stats.

"It is not about them, it is about the team," Winkel said. "We talk a lot about if you are down be glad your teammate can help you out. Everyone has an off day or rotation ... and Kylee is the first person to pat someone on the back (for picking someone up).

"It is definitely more of a team mentality and I love that her focus is so much on the game and playing the game."



James Page, East....The Black Raider senior ran for a touchdown, kicked a pair of field goals and had four extra points as East got its first win 30-10 over West.

Daniel Wright, SB-L....The 6-foot-4 sophomore filled in for injured starter Dylan Laughlin and completed 13 of 28 passes for 190 yards and two touchdowns in a win over Heelan.

Metro Athletes of the Week

Area students named Metro Athletes of the Week since 1999.

School year Date Athlete School Sport
1999-2000 9/7/1999 Justin Sandy East football
9/14/1999 Gretchen Gruber Heelan volleyball
9/21/1999 Tom Flynn South Sioux tennis
9/28/1999 Jared Nobbe South Sioux football
10/5/1999 Kevin Kruse East football
10/12/1999 Ryan Dohrmann North golf
10/19/1999 Brett Moody Heelan football
10/26/1999 Abby Heinz East swimming
11/2/1999 Mike McManigal North basketball
12/7/1999 Lindsay Davis North basketball
12/14/1999 Ryan Galloway West basketball
12/21/1999 Jessica Grimsley Heelan basketball
1/11/2000 Pat Wilsbacher Heelan wrestling
1/18/2000 Nichole Robison West basketball
1/25/2000 Michael Kalin North basketball
2/1/2000 Jay Gentry East basketball
2/8/2000 Justin Vortherms East basketball
2/15/2000 Cornelius Qualley North swimming
2/22/2000 Stacia Swanson East basketball
2/29/2000 Kristin Broyhill South Sioux swimming
4/11/2000 Tieesha Griffin West track
4/18/2000 Jake Bowers North track
4/25/2000 Tim Hornbeck South Sioux golf
5/2/2000 Jeff Olorundami West track
5/9/2000 Kelli Howard North tennis
5/16/2000 Katie Berger Heelan track
6/13/2000 Cory Peck North baseball
6/20/2000 Wes Kelly West baseball
6/27/2000 T.J. Stahle Heelan baseball
7/4/2000 Matt LaScala East baseball
7/11/2000 Jordan Bottorff North softball
9/5/2000 Aaron Althaus Heelan football
9/12/2000 Michelle West Heelan volleyball
9/19/2000 Adam Hesse East football
9/26/2000 Ben Deck North football
10/3/2000 Nate VanderMolen West football
10/10/2000 Mike Winklepleck Heelan football
10/17/2000 Lisa Niedergeses Heelan cross country
10/24/2000 Anne Shadle South Sioux cross country
10/31/2000 Mark Hamilton East football
12/5/2000 Scott Heinrichs East basketball
12/12/2000 Adam Buthe East wrestling
12/19/2000 Ryan Galloway West basketball
1/9/2001 Patrick Allibone Heelan wrestling
1/16/2001 Cornelius Qualley North swimming
1/23/2001 Nate Funk Heelan basketball
1/30/2001 Scott Treft West wrestling
2/6/2001 Karen Daniels Heelan basketball
2/13/2001 Megan Cloud East basketball
2/20/2001 Erron Coleman West basketball
2/27/2001 Jenni Flynn South Sioux City basketball
4/24/2001 Jared Small Heelan soccer
5/1/2001 Laura Tomes East track
5/8/2001 Joe Yager North soccer
5/15/2001 Paul Houfek West track
6/5/2001 Jason Bos East baseball
6/12/2001 Joe Bisenius Heelan baseball
6/19/2001 Ricky Nearman West baseball
6/26/2001 Beth Rohlena North softball
7/3/2001 Scotty Colt West baseball
7/10/2001 Kristi Henrichsen North softball
9/4/2001 Mike Johnson South Sioux City football
9/11/2001 Megan Hinds Heelan volleyball
9/18/2001 Ryan Block Heelan football
9/25/2001 Graham McGaffin West cross country
10/2/2001 Chris White South Sioux City football
10/9/2001 John Barker East football
10/16/2001 Christi Huigens Heelan volleyball
10/23/2001 Darnell Pitts North football
10/30/2001 Eric Hartman East football
12/4/2001 Ben Jacobson East basketball
12/11/2001 Brett Stedman Heelan wrestling
12/18/2001 Dusty Smith North basketball
1/8/2002 Justin Johnson West swimming
1/15/2002 Jane Horkey South Sioux City basketball
1/22/2002 Krista Schoenfish North basketball
1/29/2002 Betsy Ingenthron East basketball
2/5/2002 Ben Stedman Heelan wrestling
2/12/2002 Bobby Pyper East basketball
2/19/2002 Eric Beaver Heelan wrestling
2/26/2002 Shanna Cook North basketball
4/16/2002 Justin Junck East tennis
4/23/2002 Cody Jaminet East track
4/30/2002 Jack Ehrich South Sioux City track
5/7/2002 Scott Davis North soccer
5/14/2002 Paul Yaneff Heelan track
6/4/2002 Tyson Whitehill North baseball
6/11/2002 Tiffany Stanton East softball
6/18/2002 Dustin Jones Heelan baseball
6/25/2002 Jessie Quade North softball
7/2/2002 Carrie Lessman East softball
7/9/2002 Jen Kernaghan North softball
9/10/2002 Graham Lundt Heelan football
9/17/2002 Carter Black Heelan football
9/24/2002 James Roat North cross country
10/1/2002 Matt Brienzo East football
10/8/2002 B.J. Rohlena North volleyball
10/15/2002 Betsy Grover North swimming
10/22/2002 Catie Deman Heelan volleyball
10/29/2002 Greg Berger Heelan football
11/5/2002 Munib Sana North football
12/10/2002 Andrea Schoepf South Sioux basketball
12/17/2002 Nick Conrad South Sioux basketball
1/14/2003 Prairie Gordon West basketball
1/21/2003 James Patterson West basketball
1/28/2003 Jeff Butcher East wrestling
2/4/2003 Landon Scott East basketball
2/11/2003 Brooke Niles Heelan basketball
2/18/2003 Sean Touney North wrestling
2/25/2003 Amanda Wiltgen South Sioux basketball
3/4/2003 Kevin Lohry West hockey
4/15/2003 Chris Krueger South Sioux track
4/22/2003 Nick Murphy Heelan track
4/29/2003 Lee Holland West track
5/6/2003 Chris Rager South Sioux golf
5/13/2003 Quincy Christie West track
5/20/2003 Marcos Jaramillo North soccer
6/10/2003 Mike Washburn East baseball
6/17/2003 Brittany Prevail Heelan softball
6/24/2003 Carl Fenceroy West baseball
7/1/2003 Dena DeStigter North softball
7/8/2003 Ben Keegan West baseball
7/15/2003 Nathan Wicks North baseball
9/9/2003 Jessie Pape Heelan cross country
9/16/2003 Deric Manrique North football
9/23/2003 Billy Mousel Heelan football
9/30/2003 Megan Tuttle East volleyball
10/7/2003 Ashley Vogt Heelan volleyball
10/14/2003 Kyle Vanderlinden West cross country
10/21/2003 Chad Moreland Heelan football
10/28/2003 Abby Moes East swimming
11/4/2003 Zac Brouillette North football
12/9/2003 Dylan Grimsley Heelan basketball
12/16/2003 Jordan Johnson East basketball
12/23/2003 Andrew Anderson East wrestling
1/13/2004 Adi Cizmic Heelan basketball
1/20/2004 Ashley Robinette SSC basketball
1/27/2004 A.J. James North wrestling
2/3/2004 Jeff Miller East wrestling
2/10/2004 Jamee Phipps SSC basketball
2/17/2004 Greg Nelson North basketball
2/24/2004 Alex Lukehart Metros Hockey
3/2/2004 Andrew Anderson East wrestling
4/13/2004 Shawn Olorundami West track
4/20/2004 Chad Porsch North track
4/27/2004 Jenny McArdle West soccer
5/4/2004 James Johnikin West track
5/11/2004 Megan Iverson Heelan track
5/18/2004 Nabil Sorathia North tennis
6/8/2004 Matt McQuillen North baseball
6/15/2004 Maggie Kukuk North soccer
6/22/2004 Laura Shanafelt West softball
6/29/2004 Tommy Mousel Heelan baseball
7/6/2004 Kyle Lafrenz West baseball
7/13/2004 Grant Mastbergen North baseball
9/7/2004 Kirk Jaminet East football
9/14/2004 Pat Grace Heelan football
9/21/2004 Cara DeStigter North volleyball
9/28/2004 Mary Bisenius Heelan volleyball
10/5/2004 Brandon Morehead East golf
10/12/2004 Rebecca Hindman Heelan volleyball
10/19/2004 B.J. Steed West football
10/26/2004 Andrew Engle Heelan football
11/2/2004 Jay J. Sandy East football
12/7/2004 Dan Bohall East basketball
12/14/2004 Dani Gass East basketball
12/21/2004 Joe Curran Heelan wrestling
1/11/2005 Turhan Gates West wrestling
1/18/2005 Chase Chartier East swimming
1/25/2005 Roman Gentry East basketball
2/1/2005 Danny Mousel Heelan basketball
2/8/2005 Jenna Kalin North basketball
2/15/2005 Molly Frank SSC basketball
2/22/2005 Jaret Delfs North wrestling
3/1/2005 Brooke Flynn SSC basketball
4/12/2005 Trenton Lee West track
4/19/2005 Bill Lane West track
4/26/2005 Kyle Yager North soccer
5/3/2005 Josh Lewis West track
5/10/2005 Natalie Olorundami West track
5/17/2005 Sara Gotch South Sioux City track
6/7/2005 Stephen Keane Heelan baseball
6/14/2005 Andrea Tritz Heelan soccer
6/21/2005 Kacie Ogburn East softball
6/28/2005 Karen Scaletta North softball
7/5/2005 Dexter Sauer Heelan baseball
7/12/2005 David Callahan Heelan baseball
9/6/2005 Bret Hoch South Sioux football
9/13/2005 Mike Wilson North football
9/20/2005 Sarah Nelson North cross country
9/27/2005 Brianna Paulsen East volleyball
10/4/2005 Kyle Bennett Heelan football
10/11/2005 Ryan Lessman East football
10/18/2005 Adam Vondrak Heelan football
10/25/2005 Molly Lohry North cross country/swimming
11/1/2005 Alex Tomes East football
12/6/2005 Roman Gentry East basketball
12/13/2005 Adam Palmer North basketball
12/20/2005 Cat Nelson North basketball
1/10/2006 Kelsey Johnikin West basketball
1/17/2006 Katie Frank SSC basketball
1/24/2006 Jonathan Reicks Heelan wrestling
1/31/2006 Frankie Ramirez North wrestling
2/7/2006 Zach Fenceroy East basketball
2/14/2006 Connie Walding North basketball
2/21/2006 Cory Paronto West wrestling
2/28/2006 Kayla Miller SSC basketball
4/11/2006 Aaron Maly Heelan soccer
4/18/2006 Kelli Herman East soccer
4/25/2006 Jacqui Kalin North soccer/track
5/2/2006 Jay Hart Heelan soccer
5/9/2006 Dan Kuehl Heelan tennis
5/16/2006 Lacee Murtaugh SSC tennis
6/6/2006 Joey Rozmiarek Heelan baseball
6/13/2006 Trevor Talbott East baseball
6/20/2006 Alisha Wheat East softball
6/27/2006 Treye Hacker Heelan baseball
7/4/2006 Callie Roan West softball
7/11/2006 Chad Corbett Heelan baseball
9/5/2006 Josh Collins West football
9/12/2006 Hillary Hanno Heelan volleyball
9/19/2006 Anthony Oberle Heelan x-country
9/26/2006 Kayla Fiscus East swimming
10/3/2006 John Kirwan East football
10/10/2006 Jordan Spirk SSC football
10/17/2006 Tre-Darrius Canady East football
10/24/2006 Matt Folchert North football
10/31/2006 Jenna Jansen Heelan volleyball
12/5/2006 Katie Vondrak Heelan basketball
12/12/2006 Jehmica McDaniel North basketball
12/19/2006 Cody Putzier West wrestling
1/9/2007 Tanaeya Worden North basketball
1/16/2007 Marshall Tuttle East hockey
1/23/2007 Mike Tillo North basketball
1/30/2007 Robert Kellogg North wrestling
2/6/2007 Clint Sargent Heelan basketball
2/13/2007 Chris Gogel East swimming
2/20/2007 Micah Sheffield North wrestling
2/27/2007 Lekeisha Dotson North basketball
4/10/2007 Jacob Bell South Sioux City track
4/17/2007 Nestor Galan West soccer
4/24/2007 Andrea Uhl North tennis
5/1/2007 Alejandro Guerrero SSC soccer
5/8/2007 Dan Winders North track
5/15/2007 Wendy Hofmeyer East soccer
5/22/2007 Ashlee Andersen West track
6/5/2007 Jeff Kerian Heelan baseball
6/12/2007 Dana Wilson Heelan softball
6/19/2007 Angela Lambrecht West softball
6/26/2007 Billy Meacham North baseball
7/3/2007 Allison Padomek East softball
7/10/2007 Andy Compton East baseball
9/4/2007 Chris Calvillo Heelan football
9/11/2007 Nicole Benzoni North cross country
9/18/2007 Anthony Tomscha North football
9/25/2007 Sarah Jane Bowden North volleyball
10/2/2007 Dane Larson East golf
10/9/2007 Mindy Moody Heelan volleyball
10/16/2007 Marcus James North football
10/23/2007 Colton Newcomb East football
10/30/2007 Charlie Murphy West football
12/4/2007 John Daniels Heelan basketball
12/11/2007 Eric Jorgensen East basketball
12/18/2007 Josh Wilkins North wrestling
12/26/2007 Michelle Lund Heelan basketball
1/8/2008 Autumn Boyer SSC basketball
1/15/2008 Stephanie Robinson North basketball
1/22/2008 Kathleen Reynolds East basketball
1/29/2008 Jeremy Yacevich SSC swimming
2/5/2008 Aaron Satterwhite SSC wrestling
2/12/2008 Blaze Gill North wrestling
2/19/2008 Brian Wanner North basketball
4/8/2008 Tyler Hohenstein SSC baseball
4/15/2008 Nate McKewon Heelan track
4/22/2008 Max Martin North soccer
4/29/2008 Emily McCarthy East track
5/6/2008 Chris Erickson East soccer
5/13/2008 Sierra Hsieh North soccer
5/20/2008 Kyle Poss Heelan track
6/3/2008 Jerad Barth East baseball
6/10/2008 Alexa Rudeen North softball
6/17/2008 Corby McGlaflin North baseball
6/24/2008 Scott Lahn East baseball
7/1/2008 Alex Zeimet North softball
7/8/2008 Tanner Oliver Heelan baseball
9/2/2008 Taylor Pollow East football
9/9/2008 Brandon Wegher Heelan football
9/16/2008 Josh Folchert North football
9/23/2008 Sean Geary Heelan football
9/30/2008 Kelsey Tweet Heelan volleyball
10/7/2008 Nick Hessa North golf
10/14/2008 Adam Bobier SSC football
10/21/2008 Dex Gordon West football
10/28/2008 Buckley Wright Heelan football
12/9/2008 Brennan Cougill Heelan basketball
12/16/2008 Kory Kistner East wrestling
1/13/2009 Jalyssa Ceasar North basketball
1/20/2009 Jordan Gentry East basketball
1/27/2009 Emily Schroeder SSC basketball
2/3/2009 Nolan Grieves North wrestling
2/10/2009 McKayla Knudson SSC basketball
2/17/2009 Alex Walker North basketball
2/24/2009 David Stubblefield Heelan wrestling
4/14/2009 Ryan Hernandez SSC track
4/21/2009 Brendan Dougherty Heelan track
4/28/2009 Gabriel Williams West track
5/5/2009 Tyler Heitman SSC track
5/12/2009 Taylor Culver North soccer
5/19/2009 Austin Grundy North tennis
5/26/2009 Stephen Chicoine Heelan soccer
6/9/2009 Dean McArdle North baseball
6/16/2009 Ashley Vanderloo East softball
6/23/2009 Tanner Murphy East baseball
6/30/2009 C.J. Nolen West baseball
7/7/2009 Nick Tillo North baseball
7/14/2009 Erica Denney North softball
9/1/2009 Ben Moes East football
9/8/2009 Brandon Stolze South Sioux City football
9/15/2009 George Wakeman Heelan football
9/22/2009 Danny Rudeen North football
9/29/2009 Preston Ives Heelan football
10/6/2009 Britt Anderson East football
10/13/2009 Maggie Vondrak Heelan volleyball
10/20/2009 Matt Samuelson North cross country
10/27/2009 Kenny Wasmund South Sioux football
12/8/2009 Zach McCabe Heelan basketball
12/15/2009 Patrick Kurth North basketball
12/22/2009 Jeff Sponder East basketball
1/12/2010 Rulin Pederson East wrestling
1/19/2010 Carli Tritz Heelan basketball
1/26/2010 Ryan Rozeboom SBL wrestling
2/2/2010 Jordan Thomas East basketball
2/9/2010 Millie Niggeling Heelan basketball
2/16/2010 Dylan Stalheim Metro swimming
2/23/2010 Kari Ceasar North basketball
4/6/2010 Ross Chettinger SBL track
4/13/2010 Ellen Dougherty East track
4/20/2010 Matt Lord Heelan track
4/27/2010 DeVante Clark West track
5/4/2010 Austin Grundy North tennis
5/11/2010 Tabitha Machar SSC track
5/18/2010 Maddie Warder West tennis
5/25/2010 Abby Axthlem North soccer
6/8/2010 Amanda Hoffman Heelan soccer
6/15/2010 Jamie Shultz SBL softball
6/22/2010 Kyle Gogel East baseball
6/29/2010 Damek Tomscha North baseball
7/6/2010 Dylan Ohl North baseball
7/13/2010 Kate Knepper North softball
8/31/2010 Quenton James East football
9/7/2010 Zach Sexton Dakota Valley football
9/14/2010 Leisa McClintock Heelan volleyball
9/21/2010 Mike Malek East football
9/28/2010 Abbabiya Simbassa North cross country
10/5/2010 Pete Fitzsimmons Heelan football
10/12/2010 Katelyn Walsh Heelan volleyball
10/19/2010 Anthony Baker West football
10/26/2010 Melissa Mounts East volleyball
12/7/2010 Josee Jansen North basketball
12/14/2010 Chad Ryan North wrestling
12/21/2010 Matt Lupkes Dakota Valley basketball
1/11/2011 Alex Malloy Heelan basketball
1/18/2011 Brittni Donaldson North basketball
1/25/2011 Tawni Greeley South Sioux basketball
2/1/2011 Cody Solari Sergeant Bluff-Luton wrestling
2/8/2011 Quinton Behlers East basketball
2/15/2011 Summer Gordon North basketball
2/22/2011 Paige O’Neal Sergeant Bluff-Luton basketball
4/12/2011 Shelby Houlihan East track
4/19/2011 Justin Baker Heelan track
4/26/2011 Victor Perez West soccer
5/3/2011 Tristen Sharp South Sioux track
5/10/2011 Ashlie Stokes North soccer
5/17/2011 Payton Pry East soccer
5/24/2011 Kirsten Gobell Heelan soccer
6/7/2011 Austin Stubbs East baseball
6/14/2011 David Kerian Heelan baseball
6/21/2011 Chloe Kambach Heelan softball
6/28/2011 Micayla Weaver East softball
7/5/2011 Taylor Michaelson East softball
7/12/2011 Jake Wimmer Sergeant Bluff-Luton baseball
9/6/2011 Natalie Vondrak Heelan volleyball
9/13/2011 Jeremy Nelson Heelan football
9/20/2011 Brock Bergmann Dakota Valley football
9/27/2011 Taylor Jensen South Sioux City football
10/4/2011 Paul Jacobson Heelan football
10/11/2011 Alex Imming East football
10/18/2011 Kristina Neumann Heelan volleyball
10/25/2011 Quinn Williams North football
12/6/2011 Ethan Lara East wrestling
12/13/2011 Michael Gesell South Sioux City basketball
12/20/2011 Derek Geddings South Sioux City wrestling
1/11/2012 Cole Croston Sergeant Bluff-Luton basketball
1/18/2012 Madison Yohe Heelan basketball
1/25/2012 J.C. Fuller East basketball
2/1/2012 Josh King Sergeant Bluff-Luton wrestling
2/8/2012 Adam Woodbury East basketball
2/15/2012 Cassidy Breon Sergeant Bluff-Luton basketball
2/22/2012 Tyler McWilliams East wrestling
4/11/2012 Darius Pearson West track
4/18/2012 Juan Magana South Sioux City soccer
4/25/2012 Bryce Drager East track
5/2/2012 Austin Krohn Sergeant Bluff-Luton track
5/9/2012 Austin Groth South Sioux City baseball
5/16/2012 Carlee Oakley North golf
5/23/2012 Tim Keane Heelan track
6/6/2012 Kendall Hazel Sergeant Bluff-Luton baseball
6/13/2012 Crystal McElhose East soccer
6/20/2012 Paul Jacobson Heelan baseball
6/27/2012 Betsy Thomas Sergeant Bluff-Luton softball
7/4/2012 Abby Pollow East softball
7/12/2012 Anna Shanafelt West softball
9/5/2012 Connor Spears Heelan football
9/12/2012 Nate Rogers South Sioux City football
9/19/2012 Tanner Lambert South Sioux City football
9/26/2012 Megan McCarthy Heelan volleyball
10/3/2012 Jake McDonald East football
10/10/2012 Alec DeVries Heelan cross country
10/17/2012 Taylor DeLaughter East football
10/24/2012 Scotty Manley South Sioux City football
12/5/2012 Marcel Dunson East basketball
12/12/2012 Dustin Fuller North wrestling
12/19/2012 Colton McCrystal Sergeant Bluff-Luton wrestling
1/11/2013 Shane Graves Heelan basketball
1/18/2013 Blake Van Ginkel Dakota Valley basketball
1/25/2013 Shantel Cross West basketball
2/1/2013 MaKayla Augustine Heelan basketball
2/8/2013 Shane Gill North wrestling
2/15/2013 Morgan Hansen South Sioux City basketball
2/22/2013 Kyle Heaton Heelan basketball
4/17/2013 Zach Skibinski Heelan track
4/24/2013 Mackenzie Geary Heelan track
5/1/2013 Cassie Stanek Heelan tennis
5/8/2013 Amy Grause East soccer
5/15/2013 Eduardo Gamboa South Sioux City soccer
5/22/2013 Anthony Dreeszen East track
6/5/2013 Blake Meacham North baseball
6/12/2013 Marissa Schmidt Sergeant Bluff-Luton softball
6/19/2013 Dom Thompson-Williams East baseball
6/26/2013 Tyler Stolen Heelan baseball
7/3/2013 Taylor Moriarty Sergeant Bluff-Luton softball
9/4/2013 Trent Solsma Heelan football
9/11/2013 Lindsay Joyce Heelan cross country
9/18/2013 Connor Niles Heelan football
9/25/2013 Chase Kern East football
10/2/2013 Brandon Konz North football
10/9/2013 Dylan Urquidi West football
10/16/2013 Christian Brobst Heelan football
10/23/2013 Jenna Bork Heelan volleyball
10/30/2013 Jayde Bergmann Dakota Valley volleyball
12/11/2013 Tanya Meyer West basketball
12/18/2013 Carlos Elizalde North basketball
1/8/2014 Wyatt Mounts East basketball
1/15/2014 Steven Garcia Sergeant Bluff-Luton wrestling
1/22/2014 Nate Glisar Sergeant Bluff-Luton basketball
1/29/2014 Ikenna Okwarabizie East basketball
2/5/2014 Jason Lupkes Dakota Valley basketball
2/12/2014 Bret Tomoson Sergeant Bluff-Luton wrestling
2/19/2014 Miles Ludwigs Sergeant Bluff-Luton basketball
2/26/2014 Keaton Slaughter Heelan basketball
4/16/2014 Ronald Nash East track
4/23/2014 Tyler Cropley Heelan track
4/30/2014 Carter Lilly East track
5/7/2014 Sam Tymkowicz Heelan soccer
5/14/2014 Austin Langston North track
5/21/2014 Caitlin Foley East soccer
5/28/2014 Elizabeth Bohlmann East track
6/11/2014 Jake Westphal East baseball
6/18/2014 Cody Selig Sergeant Bluff-Luton baseball
6/25/2014 Ashtin Hazel Sergeant Bluff-Luton softball
7/2/2014 Bailey Heaton Bishop Heelan softball
7/9/2014 Philip Jacobson Bishop Heelan baseball
7/16/2014 Hayden Godfrey East baseball
9/3/2014 Alex Stueve East football
9/10/2014 Jacob Sandoz Sergeant Bluff-Luton football
9/17/2014 Joe Kayl Heelan football
9/24/2014 Kelsey Smith East volleyball
10/1/2014 Austin Ahrendt East football
10/8/2014 Alec Pavone Heelan cross country
10/15/2014 Tony Tobin Heelan football
10/22/2014 Lindsey Smith Dakota Valley volleyball
10/29/2014 Tyler Smith Heelan football
12/10/2014 Andre Harris East basketball
12/17/2014 Zach Kraus North wrestling
12/24/2014 Alex Borchers South Sioux City basketball
1/7/2015 Daniel Tillo North basketball
1/14/2015 Devin Phaly Sergeant Bluff-Luton wrestling
1/21/2015 Colby Hill West basketball
1/28/2015 Amber Schubert Sergeant Bluff-Luton basketball
2/4/2015 Mitch Otto East wrestling
2/11/2015 Taylor Beaulieu Heelan basketball
2/18/2015 Johnny Stephens East wrestling
2/25/2015 Sidney Hildahl East basketball
4/22/2015 Xavier Scarlett North track
4/29/2015 Gilbert Garcia West soccer
5/6/2015 Rachel Vondrak Heelan soccer
5/13/2015 Shauna Folchert North track
5/20/2015 Yasmeen Rose Heelan track
5/27/2015 Connor Gill Heelan soccer
6/10/2015 Spencer Franko East baseball
6/17/2015 Tristan Beaulieu Heelan soccer
6/24/2015 Tanner Wauhob West baseball
7/1/2015 Robert Neustrom North baseball
7/8/2015 Jaylee Lester Heelan softball
9/2/2015 Deion Clayborne North football
9/9/2015 Grace Hanno Heelan volleyball
9/16/2015 Corey Matthey Sergeant Bluff-Luton golf
9/23/2015 Noah McWell West football
9/30/2015 Matt George Sergeant Bluff-Luton football
10/7/2015 Branden Hohenstein Heelan football
10/14/2015 Andrew Christensen Sergeant Bluff-Luton football
10/21/2015 Dom Flemister East football
10/28/2015 Brittni Olson Sergeant Bluff-Luton volleyball
12/9/2015 Rachel Knutson-Kobold West basketball
12/16/2015 Connor Murrell East basketball
12/23/2015 Jacob Schroyer South Sioux City wrestling
1/13/2016 Augusta Thramer South Sioux City basketball
1/20/2016 Jacob Wiley East wrestling
1/27/2016 Tyler Johnson Dakota Valley basketball
2/3/2016 Haley Hoffman Dakota Valley basketball
2/10/2016 DeAndre Burnside Heelan basketball
2/17/2016 Amanda Gors West basketball
2/24/2016 Haley Fritza South Sioux City basketball
4/13/2016 John Alexa East track
4/20/2016 Elyse Huber East soccer
4/27/2016 Sara Bohan Dakota Valley track
5/4/2016 Antonio Hernandez West soccer
5/11/2016 Trina Swanson North tennis
5/18/2016 Lauren Luft Heelan track
5/25/2016 Hannah Rens East golf
6/8/2016 Connor Prescott Sergeant Bluff-Luton baseball
6/15/2016 Sarah Sponder East softball
6/22/2016 Bailey McBride Heelan baseball
6/29/2016 Morgan Skinner Sergeant Bluff-Luton softball
7/6/2016 Allison Lester East softball
7/13/2016 Ashtin Eslick West baseball
8/31/2016 Luke Schmitt Dakota Valley football
9/7/2016 Chris Kroll Sergeant Bluff-Luton football
9/14/2016 Lexi Lapke East volleyball
9/21/2016 Merrin Van Velzen volleyball
9/28/2016 Allie Cooke Bishop Heelan volleyball
10/5/2016 Kyrese Peck Bishop Heelan football
10/12/2016 Abdul Mohamed South Sioux City cross country
10/19/2016 Carter Prescott East football
10/26/2016 Mary Volz Bishop Heelan volleyball
12/7/2016 Kyle Benson Sergeant Bluff-Luton wrestling
12/14/2016 Carissa Powell South Sioux City basketball
12/21/2016 Christian Kyles Siouxland Christian basketball
1/11/2017 Joe Vondrak Bishop Heelan wrestling
1/18/2017 Kori Fischer South Sioux City basketball
1/25/2017 Marquise Bolden West basketball
2/1/2017 Brayden Curry Sergeant Bluff-Luton wrestling
2/8/2017 Jailen Billings East basketball
2/15/2017 Robert Rosenquist Dakota Valley basketball
2/22/2017 Ryan Parker Dakota Valley wrestling
04/12/2017 Brady Wall Sergeant Bluff-Luton track & field
04/19/2017 Armando Garcia South Sioux City soccer
04/26/2017 Avery Lester East track & field
05/03/2017 Austin Lingle Bishop Heelan soccer
05/10/2017 Khenadi Jones West track & field
05/17/2017 Hannah Von Hagel East soccer
05/24/2017 Marisa Schulz Dakota Valley track & field
06/07/2017 Joel Stroman West baseball
06/14/2017 Lexi Ricke Bishop Heelan softball
06/21/2017 Ryley McGregor Sergeant Bluff-Luton baseball
06/28/2017 Matt Nelson Bishop Heelan baseball
07/05/2017 Lexie Stolen Bishop Heelan softball
08/30/2017 Merga Gemeda North cross country
09/05/2017 Dustin Saia West football
09/12/2017 Kylee Christensen Sergeant Bluff-Luton volleyball
09/20/2017 Samantha McCabe Bishop Heelan volleyball
09/29/2017 Meredith Lammers Dakota Valley volleyball
10/04/2017 Austin Carter Dakota Valley football
10/11/2017 Miles Scott Sergeant Bluff-Luton cross country
10/18/2017 Saybein Clark Bishop Heelan football
10/25/2017 Elizabeth Lammers Dakota Valley cross country
12/06/2017 Carly Knutson-Kobold West basketball

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