SIOUX CITY | Why did the Sioux City Musketeers get so much in return trades for J.T. Stenglein and Riley Bourbonnais and so little back in deals for Tanner Pond, Michael Holland and Eetu Karvinen?

Scoring power from Stenglein (6 goals, 9 assists with Musketeers) and Bourbonnais (9, 6) has a lot to do with it, according to Musketeers coach/general manager Brett Larson. Kyle Schmidt came in a trade from Waterloo for Stenglein along with a first and a second-round selection in the 2013 United States Hockey League draft.

Bourbonnais was traded to Lincoln for not only a first and second-round draft pick. Sioux City also received an affiliate player of the Stars along with a conditional pick.

“Most teams right now are trying to find that one last scoring piece,” Larson said. “Those guys are legitimate one-point a game guys in this league, they’ve been that way their while career and that’s what we were looking for when we brought them in too. Usually, that’s the highest value, the guys who could help your team get over the hump by scoring goals.

“Michael Holland is a good, solid, steady (defenseman). It’s a different value scale than it is for Riley or J.T., who are star players in this league. We can definitely get a lot more for them.”

Coincidentally, Stenglein and Bourbonnais met in different uniforms Tuesday night at Icebox Arena in Lincoln, where the Stars were 4-2 winners over Waterloo. Stenglein gave Waterloo a 1-0 lead when he assisted on Vince Hinostroza’s first-period goal.

Bourbonnais had been traded from the Musketeers on Monday. Tuesday, he helped Lincoln snap a 2-all tie when he assisted on Vinni Lettieri’s second-period goal.

Stenglein has scored in each of his four games at Waterloo, providing three goals and four assists for a 22-13-0 team that's third in the Western Conference.

Lincoln is fourth in the West with a 20-10-3 record.

“As of right now, we’re not planning any trades nor are we talking to any teams,” Larson said. “We are really happy with the trades due to the fact that we knew we have three first-round draft picks and a team that should return more players than anyone in the league.”

-- Jerry Giese