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JoJo Fletcher pins the final rose on Jordan Rogers and now, the two are engaged. Thus ends another season of "The Bachelorette."

Matt Klitscher

And then there was one.

If there was any doubt: Jordan Rodgers won the opportunity to propose to JoJo Fletcher on “The Bachelorette.”

But, really, who – outside of Robby Hayes – thought Rodgers wouldn’t win? From the first night, he got the most attention, the most one-on-one dates, the best dating opportunities. When he and JoJo were together, she started the conversation with kisses.

With Robby, the competitive swimmer, it was a lot of backstroking.

In Monday’s finale, we saw some protracted scenes with both men professing their love, picking rings (go for the biggest one) and prepping for the long walk to proposal land.

Both men wore way-too-tight suits and cantilevered hair. It looked like Robby wasn’t going to wear socks (come on, he practically lived in the free shower slippers he got at the hotel) to the proposal.

But then, a leg slips out of the van and it has socks. Jordan? Nope. It was Robby. JoJo cried profusely as she let him down; he looked appropriately hurt and detailed his feelings in the long ride home. JoJo cried so much it was almost certain the makeup artists had to whip in before Jordan pulled up.

Her long dress (with the huge slit) blew up frequently while he proposed and she beamed. The Neil Lane ring Jordan offered impressed and, just in time for the live broadcast, they were engaged.

In the after-show, Robby came on, asked a few questions and showed his new teeth. Jordan beamed and looked like he didn’t care what brother Aaron was up to. (He wore the same suit he proposed in. Either that or he has a lot of blue suits.)

While Chad Johnson brought the most viewers this season (he was the cad, remember?), it’s likely he wouldn’t have been a good match for anyone. That’s why he’s around for the summer’s “Bachelor in Paradise.”

The real surprise? Who gets to be the next Bachelor.

The winner? Stay tuned.


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