The Muppets
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1950s  "Say kids, do you know what time it is?" Cowboy marionette Howdy Doody (along with human friend "Buffalo Bob" Smith) is credited with introducing a generation of "latchkey" kids to TV with an NBC show that aired from 1947 to 1960.

1960s  Combining the best parts of the JFK's liberal populism with Woodstock's hippie drug culture, Jim Henson created a motley crew of Muppets to coincide with "Sesame Street"'s 1969 premiere. C'mon, you CANNOT appreciate Cookie Monster or Snuffleupagas unless you're totally baked, bro!

1970s  A pig obsessed with a frog who just isn't all that into her. A Camille Paglia feminist manifesto? Nope, it's the central story arc to the characters of Miss Piggy and Kermit when "The Muppet Show" first opened its curtains in 1976.

1980's The slutty, senior citizen sex maniac, made entirely of plastic, whom you'd secretly like to slug? Ah, it was only a matter of time before the "Betty White Backlash" began. But, of course, we're really referring to Waylon Flowers' randy puppet Madame, who had held court on TV's "Madame's Place" in 1982.

1990s  Not many movies boast a cast that include Kathy Griffith, Rob Schneider and Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham but 1999's "Muppets in Space" can. In addition, the film has a cast of more than 100 furry Muppets with IQs higher than co-star David Arquette.

2000s  Puppet-on-puppet stage sex? Something tells us we're not on "Sesame Street" anymore. Actually, we've left a left turn onto "Avenue Q," a hilarious 2003 Tony Award winning show featuring naughty puppets Jim Henson would never shove his hand into.





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