There's the Grammys, the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards ... and then there's the Siouxland's Choice Awards - the certificate everyone on the planet wants to obtain. Yet, the only people and businesses eligible to win the coveted award are those who live right here in Siouxland. Of the 700-some ballots received this year, the people of this great area have made their voices heard. So it is with great pleasure and happy hearts we say unto you today, "Roll out the red carpet! The winners are finally here!"

We take this job extremely seriously, counting the votes diligently late into all hours of the night. This year, as always, there were a few surprises and upsets within the categories. But we think that's OK. That just means next year, for all those fine folks who think voters got something wrong, maybe you'll be more apt to make your voice heard next year.

A few changes were made this year as far as categories were concerned.

First, the Best Place to Eat With Kids, not that we have any problem with children, was switched out for one that had a more broad appeal, Best New Restaurant. There were many amazing (non-chain) new places that opened up this year and we liked the idea of those being represented rather than McDonald's being deemed the winner for the millionth time for the best place to cart your kiddies to. Also, there was a change in Best Brunch, which was very similar to Best Breakfast, to Best Hangover Food, which is category much more up the Weekender's alley. We've played around with the TV Personality category. In some years we've had Best Hair, which isn't always fair as not every broadcaster has hair, and last year we did Best Smile, but this year we did Best Dressed. Who knows what we'll do next year?

Thank you to all who did participate this time around, we couldn't have done it without you. But most of all (said while fake crying), we'd like to thank our families, and God, and our managers and significant others who put up with us during this time ... and most of all we just want world peace. Alright! We'll stop blubbering and get down to the stuff you're all here for, the top three winners in each category. And the winners are ...


Bar Food

1. Buffalo Alice

2. Bob Roe's Point After

3. Mac Behr's

Best Delivery (not pizza)

1. Jimmy John's

2. Da Kao

3. King Sea


1. Perkins

2. Horizons

3. Johnnie Mars


1. House of Q

2. Famous Dave's

3. Black Bear Diner


1. Jim's Burgers

2. Five Guys Burgers and Fries

3. Red Robin


1. La Juanita

2. Monterrey Mexican Restaurant

3. Navarrete's

Coffee Shop

1. Starbucks

2. Pierce Street Coffee Works

3. Caribou Coffee

Deli Food

1. Little Chicago Deli

2. Jimmy Johns

3. Subway

Fancy Restaurant

1. Minervas

2. Kahill's

3. Luciano's

Inexpensive Restaurant

1. La Juanita

2. Black Bear Diner

3. Jim's Burger

Wine List

1. Luciano's

2. Minervas

3. Winestyles

Best New Restaurant

1. McCarthy & Bailey's

2. Tokyo Steakhouse

TIE 3. Clydes AND

SoHo Kitchen & Bar


1. Olive Garden

2. Luciano's

3. Trattoria Fresco


1. El Fredo Pizza

2. Jerry's Pizza

3. Bob Roe's Point After

Asian Cuisine

1. Da Kao

2. Golden Bowl

3. Hunan Place


1. Texas Roadhouse

2. Hungry's

3. Outback Steakhouse

Best Hangover Food

1. La Juanita

TIE 2. Horizons AND


3. Taco Bell

Missed the cut: St. Luke's Hospital


1. Bob Roe's

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

3. Townhouse


Best Historic Fourth St. Bar

1. Buffalo Alice

2. Mac Behr's

3. Chesterfield

Best Non-Historic Fourth St. Bar

1. Firehouse

2. Ickey Nickel

3. Castle Pub

Local Acoustic band/musician

1. Travis Barnes Band

2. Kelly Quinn Band

3. Byron Kuehl

Local Rock Band/Musician

1. Kelly Quinn Band

2. Ghostship

3. Travis Barnes Band

Local Hip-Hop Band/Musician

1. The Gateway Drug

2. Lazer Rocket Arm

3. Kaotic

Local Blues Band/Musician

1. Premium Draft

2. Travis Barnes

3. Blue Moon

Local Country Band/Musician

1. Travis Barnes Band

2. Locked N Loaded

3. Mat D. & the Profane Saints

Place to Go Dancing

1. Mac Behr's

2. Firehouse

3. Jones Street Station

Place to Gamble

1. Argosy

2. WinnaVegas

3. Beano & Sherry's

Shoot Pool

1. Corner Pocket

2. Bank Shot

3. Ickey Nickel

Throw Darts

1. Corner Pocket

2. Fourth Street Sports Grill

3. Ickey Nickel

Karaoke Spot

1. The Chesterfield

2. Mac Behr's

3. Perera's Place

Best Outdoor Beer Garden

1. Firehouse

2. Ickey Nickel

3. Mac Behr's

Place to Watch the Big Game

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

2. Fourth Street Sports Grill

3. Firehouse

Place to Hear Live Music

1. The Chesterfield

2. Rhonda's Speakeasy

3. Fourth St. Sports Grill


Best Locally Generated Website

Place to Find a Hottie

1. Firehouse

2. Church

3. Black Bear Diner


Place to People Watch

1. Southern Hills Mall

2. Walmart

3. Saturday in the Park

Best Area Politician

1. Rhonda Capron

2. Bob Scott

3. Steve King

Missed the cut: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Best Local Artist

1. Josh Bush - tattoo

2. Robert Sissel - painter

3. Ritchie Vomit - tattoo

Best Thing Made in Sioux City

1. Twin Bing/Palmer Candy

2. Jolly Time Pop corn

3. Sioux Bee Honey

Missed the cut: The Smell

TV Personality - News

1. Kristie VerMulm -KTIV

2. Larry Wentz -KCAU

3. Jenna Rehnstrom - KCAU

Best Misspelling: Jessica Cihotchick

TV Personality -Weather

1. Ron Demers - KTIV

2. Riley O'Connor - KTIV

3. Fred Hexom - KCAU

TV Personality - Sports

1. Tim Seaman - KCAU

2. Brad Pautsch -KTIV

3. Mike Foss - KMEG

Best TV Personality - Best Dressed

1. Kristie VerMulm - KTIV

2. Jenna Rehnstrom - KCAU

3. Larry Wentz - KCAU

Radio station

1. NEW 102.3

2. KSUX 105.7

3. 107.1 KISS

Radio DJ

1. Moose - NEW 102.3

2. Chopper Scott - Z-98

3. Tony and Candice - KSUX


Adult Gift Shop

1. Doctor John's

2. Frances Canteen

3. Spencer's

Auto Dealer

1. Knoepfler Chevrolet

2. Sioux City Ford

3. Ideal Wheels

Auto Repair

1. Tires, Tires, Tires

2. Ideal Wheels

3. Sioux Body Shop

Apartment Complex

1. Woodbury Heights

TIE 2. Candlewick AND

Glen Oaks

3. Prestwick Apartments


1. Security National

2. Wells Fargo

3. Central Bank

Men's Clothing Store

1. Sadoff's

2. Karlton's

3. Kohl's

Women's Clothing Store

1. Kohl's

2. La Ventura

3. Maurices


1. Hy-Vee

2. A Step in Thyme

3. Petal Pushers

Home Furnishing

1. HOM Furniture

2. Everett's Furniture

3. Unclaimed Freight Furniture

Health Club

1. Four Seasons

2. Siouxland Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA

3. Ultimate Fitness


1. Stoney Creek Inn

2. Marina Inn

3. Hilton Garden Inn


1. Gunderson's

2. Greenberg's

3. Kay Jewelers

Place to Get a Massage

1. Belle Touche

2. Body and Soul

3. Massage and Body

Place to Purchase Video Games

1. Gamestop

2. Walmart

3. Best Buy

Liquor Store

1. Charlie's

2. Hy-Vee Liquor

3. Miller Liquor

Nail Salon

1. Tommy's

2. Trans Nails

3. AM Nails

Hair Salon

1. Body and Soul

2. Belle Touche

3. Hair by Stewarts

Shopping center/mall

1. Southern Hills Mall

2. Lakeport Commons

3. Market Place

Tattoo Parlor

1. Flesh Farm Tattoo

2. Addictive Tattoo

3. Maya Tattoo

Tanning Salon

1. Sun Tan City, formerly known as Tan World

2. Kensington Sunless Tanning

3. Sunsations Tanning


Outdoor Festival/Community Event

1. Saturday in the Park

2. Art Splash

3. Awesome Biker Nights

Golf Course

1. Whispering Creek

TIE 2. Sun Valley &

Floyd Valley

3. Two Rivers

Best Bandit

1. Damon Mothershead

2. Spetlar Tonga

3. Scott Jensen

Best Musketeer

1. Matt Skoff

2. Brad Robbins

TIE: 3. Brett Peterson AND

David Goodwin

Best Explorer

1. Ray Serrano

2. Dustin Jones

3. Seaman the mascot