Responding to major changes in the delivery of medical care, the Iowa-based health system that includes St. Luke's in Sioux City adopted a new name Tuesday that Des Moines-based Iowa Health System, which stretches across the state, is now UnityPoint Health.

The new name and brand logo were unveiled Tuesday morning to the system's more than 24,000 employees, including about 1,400 who work in the St. Luke's Health System.

St. Luke's and other local hospitals will adopt the UnityPoint brand immediately, but also keep their more familiar local names.

St. Luke's Regional Medical Center, 2720 Stone Park Blvd., for example, is now UnityPoint Health -- St. Luke's.

The overall Sioux City-based St. Luke's system is now known as UnityPoint Health -- Sioux City. The local network of clinic and home care providers also are completely shedding the St. Luke's name.

St. Luke's Clinic Network has been changed to UnityPoint Clinic, and St. Luke's Home Care is now UnityPoint at Home.

New signage went up soon after Tuesday's announcement.

UnityPoint Health -- Sioux City President and CEO Peter Thoreen said the rebranding better reflects the move from a hospital-centered approach to medicine to one where hospitals, physicians and home care providers work together to more effectively deliver care.

"The new name and brand speaks to our commitment to care centered on helping our patients get health and stay healthy," Thoreen said. "Through this collaborative approach, we will continue to achieve better outcomes for our patients."

Patients should see little difference from the change, other than new signage, letterhead, email addresses and marketing materials.

Thoreen said the new name will not impact the Sioux City system's ability to make decisions at the local level, or result in any leadership changes.

The new Sunnybrook Medical Plaza, a $26.7 million campus under construction in the Sunnybrook Plaza in Morningside, will bear the UnityPoint name. The plaza, scheduled to open in August, will be home to a new family medicine, internal medicine and urgent care clinic.

UnityPoint also will be incorporated into the names of the St. Luke's College and the health system's foundation.

Any time a community landmark changes its name to something conspicuous, it takes time for people to refer to it as the new name. Basically, it's going to take some time for people to call/remember the new name of the hospital. Hopefully, it won't detract from people needing an emergency room.