The hugely complicated Official Election Night Drinking Game

2012-11-01T00:00:00Z The hugely complicated Official Election Night Drinking GameBy Weekender Staff Sioux City Journal
November 01, 2012 12:00 am  • 

Because no matter if your candidate wins or loses you’ll want to either drown your sorrows or celebrate your victory in a bottle of booze!

Step 1:Buy any sort of alcohol. (As long as you are 21 and over).

Step 2: Invite friends over to watch the election results unfold on TV (switching between multiple channels keeps things interesting) and the up-to the minute updates at Make sure seating arrangements are divided into two sides -- the people who voted for Romney and those who voted for Obama.

Step 3: Everyone drinks (one swig) when these terms is mentioned by a reporter or pundit:

Big Bird


Ohio (no other state really matters)

Ohio (Republicans can’t win without it)



Latino vote

Youth vote

Joe Biden



Religious right

Liberal media



George W. Bush (two swig bonus)


Wind energy

Wall Street

47 Percent

Step 4: Every time one candidate wins a state the supporters of the other political party must drink (one swig).

Step 5: When the winner for president is finally announced, everyone in the room should participate in a group hug. Red, blue or white, it's important that you all remain friends.

Step 6: Whosoever candidate loses has to clean up the party mess!

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