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[title of show] (Weekender)

Shot in the Dark Productions' most recent production, "[title of show]," just finished its run. But what kind of shows was the theater producing when it debuted in Sioux City? Hopefully that question and more can be answered in a new Weekender column. 


About a week ago, The Weekender Facebook page was tagged in a post that read: 

"I would love if there was a column in the Weekender or the Journal where each week one local theatre production from days past (10, 15, 30, 40, etc. years ago) is highlighted, with interviews from cast and crew members, maybe even audience members. An oral history of Sioux City theatre would be a darn good story. I’d read it."

You know what? I'd write it.

In fact, I really like this idea. One of my favorite parts about my job is talking to new people who have enveloped themselves into their respected communities. Whether it's a local musician, a longtime director of theatre, a seasoned bartender or a nightlife expert, I love getting to know about Sioux City's inner history.

Interviews and long conversations help broaden my perspective on the topics I cover for The Weekender. Admittedly, my knowledge on local theatre is a bit lacking (apart from the last four years I've written stories for this little paper). So I'm all for this column idea, but I'm going to need some help. Your help. 

What are some of the standout shows in the local theatre scene? What is a production that was super underrated or underappreciated? What was the most difficult production? What are some fun stories that can be shared? How much have the theaters changed? 

These are just a few questions I'd like answered by theater experts and by those who have a rich history and experience in the scene at the Sioux City Community Theatre, Lamb Theatre and Shot in the Dark Productions. Oh! Were there any other theaters in the area? That's another question.

Every week I'd like to unravel more details about Sioux City theatre to include in The Weekender. But I need your help in tracking down people to talk to, as well as production pamphlets and photos. I'll contact the folks over at the Sioux City Public Museum in case they have any old photographs of the theaters, but I'll still need some help in stockpiling images to use for stories.

I think this is an interesting story idea and I thank the person who suggested it. If we want to see it happen, I'll need a bit of help. Please contact me either by email ( or by phone (712-293-4313) if you have any suggestions or points of interest.

Break a leg!


Weekender reporter

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