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Expect to see an increase in gym attendance at the start of the New Year.

Jim Lee, The Weekender

During my three-hour commute from Altoona to Sioux City after the holidays, the thought of a New Year's resolution crossed my mind.

I'm not too good at these. So many times I've told myself that I'd get into better shape and try to go to the gym more often, only to end up running laps in my living room for a couple days before giving up. 

Other resolutions I've neglected in the past include: reading two books a month, spending less time on the internet, keeping track of my caloric intake and trying to cut swear words from my vocabulary.

Keeping up with my pledges is difficult, but this year I want to at least attempt a New Year's resolution. But how?

Driving through the snow-ridden roads of Interstate 80, my mind wandered into scary territory. "Well, I've given up fast food and soda for the past few years," I thought, "why don't I try giving up another not-so-healthy vice?"

The first option that came to mind was beer. I nearly swerved off the road at that thought. How could I possibly give up something like that? Goodbye beer tastings. Goodbye bar visits. Goodbye celebratory, after-work libations. 

As much as I might kick and scream, this actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. It might be nice to see what I look like after a year of no beer... or maybe not. The good news is, however, I'll be able to get some good use out of those whiskey glasses I got for Christmas this year. Guess it's back to drinking the hard stuff.

It feels like it's easier to take away habits for a New Year's resolution than it is adding new ones. This is, of course, total BS and should not be taken seriously; I'm just trying to come up with some excuse not to exercise. 

But the truth is I probably should have some form of regular exercise. Whether it's a few days of cardio a week or a daily exercise routine. It doesn't have to be strenuous (like I keep making it out to be in my head), it can be relaxing. The problem is keeping it up and adding it to my schedule. Hey, no one said these were supposed to be easy.

Something I'll definitely try to take away from my regular diet is candy. Don't think of me as some kind of lunatic sweet tooth who has a coffin of jelly beans kept underneath his floorboards (I got rid of that last year), but I definitely catch myself snacking on maybe one too many candy bars a week. 

And for what? Do I really need the energy at that time? Or am I just bored? Probably the latter. I'll also keep with my trend of not eating after a certain time of day. Seems like some days I'll eat a really late dinner and fall asleep immediately after. Not the best idea, I think.

So now that I've come up with a few resolutions, which one will I pledge? Perhaps I try all of them at once. Wouldn't hurt, right? No beer, no candy, regular exercise and no eating after 7 p.m. That's all I have to pledge. 

Let's see how far I get. It's all about self-control. Cravings and laziness don't call the shots anymore. Not in 2018. 


Weekender reporter

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