Siouxlanders’ choices are limited when it comes to food delivery.

The Sioux City market is dominated by both chain and locally owned pizzerias, a few restaurants offering Asian cuisine and a certain “freaky fast” sandwich franchise; but a new delivery service called Food Dudes Delivery aims to provide more diverse options for hungry locals.

The service, which currently covers 17 locations in eight states, allows customers to order from some of their favorite local restaurants. In Sioux City, Food Dudes delivers meals from Famous Dave’s, Firehouse Subs, Gud n Free, Opa Time, 21st Amendment, Shahi Palace and Trattoria Fresco.

By visiting, customers can search through each restaurant’s menu and fill out their orders online. After spending a minimum of $15 on food and a $4.99 delivery fee, their food is prepped, cooked and delivered to their doorstep by a Food Dudes delivery driver.

Mike Cramer has been a managing partner of Food Dudes in Sioux City since fall 2016. Before his current position, Cramer worked as a car salesman and had five years’ worth of restaurant experience at Texas Roadhouse. As an employee of Food Dudes, Cramer also serves as a driver for the delivery service, on-call most days whenever the available restaurants are open.

“It’s still kind of like a roller coaster – some days are a lot busier than others,” said Cramer. “Right now it’s mostly me and my fiancé on her days off. Sometimes it’s pretty chaotic.”

In addition to delivering orders in a timely fashion, Cramer also maintains relationships between all the restaurants and tries to find new locations to team up with Food Dudes, especially establishments that don’t have delivery available.

“This is another advantage, too,” said Cramer. “They want to do delivery, but then they have to take on all the extra costs of the delivery. They have to provide the vehicles or reimburse for gas. There’s insurance and all that stuff.”

Comparing the Food Dudes service to Uber’s transportation format, Cramer said he uses an app to confirm orders. While other delivery options in town may offer the same, comfortable method of arranging orders online, what makes Food Dudes stand out from the competition, he added, is the diverse menu.

“It gives variety. We’ve got Greek, we’ve got barbecue, we’ve got Italian and we’ve got Indian food, too. It switches it up.”

Cramer is also unaffected by location limitations. He will deliver to the Leeds neighborhood as well as Sergeant Bluff, South Sioux City, Dakota Dunes, North Sioux City and even parts of Jefferson.

When Cramer eventually acquires more Food Dudes drivers, he wants to instill them with the expectations he sets for himself by arriving at the restaurant 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time in order to get the food and deliver it as quickly as possible.

“Just so they’re there whenever it’s done,” he said.

Cramer still wants to include even more restaurants to Food Dudes’ online list of options. With a preference for variety, he wouldn’t be surprised to see a coffee shop or other unique establishments to take part in the service. “We’re constantly trying to add more restaurants,” he said.

But until then, Cramer will be on the go waiting for his next order to be confirmed. When he delivers each customer’s food, he can leave knowing they tried something new – something besides pizza. 


Weekender reporter

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