We've all seen the commercials. You were supposed to be able to jump rope with the amount of cheese stuffed into these cheesy bread inventions. Alas, such an activity was not possible with the two flavors of breads the Weekender staff sampled -- maybe it was just the ones we got, who knows? Coming in at $6 (plus extra for sauce) the breads come in three flavors, regular cheese, bacon and jalapeno and spinach and feta and are pretty filling (for those who haven't eaten lunch yet). We opted to test the latter two to try more "unique" pairings. Here's how we felt about the gooey appetizers.



(Before eating it) Do these look edible to you? Very much. Looks like toasted goodness with pockets of grease on top. Yes. Looks extra crusty ... in a good way.
Bacon/Jalapeno - flavors work well together enough to make bacon lovers happy? Yes. Salty and hot ... sweet to the taste buds. Smokiness of bacon balanced the spiciness of the jalapeno. There is the perfect amount of bacon in there for me but then again I'm not a "bacon lover." Ful slices of jalapenos is commendable but a bit spicy.
Spinach & Feta - too pretentious for Domino's or is it perfect for the menu? It does justify ingesting the high level of carbs. Goat cheese and pizza? Nope. On the plus side, I couldn't smell it. Not too pretentions. It's actually a healthier option. Of course it's too pretentious! This is Domino's! I would say though it would be better if the spinach was chopped here.
Could you actually jump rope with the amount of cheese in/on this bread? I was impressed with how much cheese! The cheese only appeared partially melted. Not too stringy. A small child would be very disappointed here if he/she attempted to skip rope with this product. Not even possible.
Worth the $6 on top of getting a pizza too? No, but I would pay $5. To go with a pizza? I'd stick with simple garlic and parmesan sticks. No. Not if i'm already getting pizza.
Necessary to have the Marinara sauce with it, or is plain fine? Plain is good. I think ranch would be a better sauce. I'm not a sauce person. Should I disguise the flavor? With the bacon and jalapeno it's fine without the sauce but the marinara sauce gives the spinach and feta a nice tang. Sauce makes the sticks even more juicy ... good things happen with it.
Do you feel this is actually a new idea? Yes. Think I've done similar on Pillsbury. Other pizza joints have had similar things for years. No. It's kinda like a calzone.
How could these be improved upon? Leave off the spinach, yuck. Make them a "limited time offer." More spinach and jalapeno would help. More cheese is needed I say, especially on the ends.
Would you go out and get any of these on your own? Probably not. Probably - just as a meal for lunch. Maybe ... in the event of major munchies. I wouldn't count it out but clearly pizza wins this battle!