LE MARS, Iowa | Craig Singer has been playing music longer than he has been smoking meats.

The Maurice, Iowa, man recently indulged both his passions when SnS BBQ -- the eatery he owns with wife Elizabeth Singer -- expanded to include a new stage, dance floor and additional dining space.

"We had live music last summer," Singer explained, inside the restaurant at 100 Plymouth St. SW. "But we wanted to offer it year-round."

A drummer, guitarist and bass player for The House Band, Singer was eager to set up the performance stage while his wife was simply happy to have extra seating.

"We didn't have a big dining room before," Elizabeth Singer said in the space that had most recently housed storage for the nearby Habitue Coffeehouse and Cakes to Remember. "This will allow us to seat more people."

Indeed, this has been an issue for SnS, ever since it opened  in March 2015.  The restaurant originally shared space with a 410 Fourth St. SW, coffee shop but quickly outgrew it.

About six month later, the Singers moved the barbecue restaurant to its current standalone location. The new addition is the third major expansion for the business. Another project -- building an outdoor patio deck -- should be completed by mid-June.

"We've been lucky that we've been so busy," said Elizabeth Singer, who also works for the Plymouth County Sheriff's Office. "We're growing because of our customers."

It's easy to see why SnS customers have been so loyal. The restaurant has become well known for its imaginative take on barbecue.

Ever had a hankering for some barbecued lasagna? Well, you can get it at SnS. How about barbecued tacos, Reubens and ginormous "Gutbuster" sandwiches? Certainly, Singer isn't skimpy when it comes to offbeat eats.

Plus SnS is one of only two Iowa businesses that currently feature a self-service, pay-as-you-go beer station.

"Have you ever had a craft beer that you weren't sure of?" Elizabeth Singer asked. "At SnS, you'll be able to pour yourself a small sampler glass in place of a pint.

"Why buy a pint of beer that you don't really like?"

Which makes sense to us. Then again, we may simply be dazzled by the "Flintstone"-sized rack of ribs that Singer has been carrying.

"We've always been known for our big portions," he said, pointing to both the slab of meat as well as to the generous side of macaroni salad. "That's never going to change."

Another thing that won't be changing is the friendly atmosphere at SnS BBQ.

"When you look around Le Mars, you won't find many places presenting live music on a regular basis," Elizabeth Singer said. "Likewise, you won't find very many places where you can find a dance floor as large as ours."

Nor will it impact SnS's "Jurassic Park"-sized grub.

So, is SnS BBQ now a nightclub, a craft beer emporium or a restaurant?

"I guess we can be considered all of the above," Singer said. "But it's our barbecue that keeps people coming back for more." 


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