Will "The Queen of Soul" be getting barbecue from a top hat-wearing porker?

Possibly, since Boss Hog Barbecue's formally-attired meat smoker will be among the 19 food-vending operations present during Saturday in the Park.

Just as a wide variety of music will be served up in Grandview Park's Bandshell, an equally diverse selection of foods will be available for SITP attendees.

In addition to Boss Hog's ribs and pulled pork sandwiches, music lovers will be able to munch on authentic Mexican meals, courtesy of La Juanita.

Still, "La Wah" doesn't have a monopoly on "All Things Mexi." They'll have competition from some castaways at Burrito Island.

But don't let the name fool you. Burrito Island also sells hot dogs and non-alcoholic smoothies in addition to a full menu of tacos and burritos.

However, Three Guys & A Ribeye actually deserves a medal for truth in advertising. Why? Because the business consists of three guys who will make you some distinctive ribeye steak sandwiches.

Poultry lovers will no doubt be pulled in the direction of the Gobblestop Turkey Shop, while pepperoni partisans should venture over to Godfather's Pizza, where the big guy probably will make you an offer you won't be able to refuse.

Although most of the SITP vendors are small businesses, others have a greater national presence.

In addition to Godfather's, the big names will be represented by Papa John's Pizza, Famous Dave's BBQ and Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

However, our advice is to support the local businesses.

Think of it as patronizing the small indie band as opposed to the corporate big-wigs.

And what could be more "garage band"-like than a shaved ice establishment? Snowflake Shaved Ice will be represented at SITP, along with local proprietors like Tunnel Funnel Cakes.

The actual nutritional value of either funnel cakes or shaved ice? We suspect none. Yet that won't stop us us from sampling their food, nor will it keep us from icing up at the gals over at the Kustom Kupcakes stand.

Yeah, we know we're going to hell. As a way of atonement, we may even venture over to the good folks at Sioux City's Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

Hey, gyros are godly, right?

Well, certainly not as holy as kettle corn. For more than a decade, the Inwood, Iowa-based Kock's Kettlekorn has been a salty presence at SITP.

Are you dog-tired after so much food? Nuh-uh, you still gotta go to Coney Island to stock up on some chili cheese dogs.

From Mexican food to Greek creations to all-American faves that remind us of the fair, Saturday in the Park will satisfy just about every appetite.

And the next time someone calls Saturday in the Park "Sioux City's Premier Musical Festival," remind them the food's pretty good as well.

Will we seen Foster the People feasting on funnel cakes? It wouldn't surprise us one bit.




Food and Lifestyles reporter

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