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Typically, the Siouxland’s Choice Awards voters opt to honor the same winners every year. In the years I’ve been involved at The Weekender, The Kelly Quinn Band usually takes home the gold. Now that the group is retired, it was only fitting that a new band wins the best “Local Rock/Metal Band” award.

And Would You Kindly? is about as new as they come. This local group is made up of vocalist Hunter Milner, bassist Elijah Carrier, guitarist Andy Copple and drummer Jakob Dirks. The Weekender spoke to Milner, Carrier and Copple about what the group has done to achieve this most recent win:

You guys won out over other fairly established bands. What’s that feel like to get that kind of recognition?

Copple: It’s a little unreal, actually, considering we’re one of the youngest bands in the scene, that I could think of at least.

Milner: When something like this happens — like Andy said — it’s unreal. It’s kind of hard to wrap your head around that, but it happened. It’s a good feeling. It’s kind of like the same feeling we got last fall when we got first place at WITSTOCK. It took awhile to set in. It’s crazy.

Was WITSTOCK your first big recognition or victory in the scene?

Copple: Yeah, that was our second year competing actually. The first year… we don’t talk about the first year [laughs].

Milner: The first year we did it was the first year we started out as a band. So it was fall of 2016. We had probably only been a band for three months or so. I’m pretty sure we got last or second-to-last. We came back a year later and we take first place. It’s awesome to see that progression and have that sense of getting better at what we’re doing.

What moves have you taken to progress further as a band since WITSTOCK?

Carrier: Musically, we’ve been a lot more diverse than we were at the beginning. We’ve incorporate bits of metal, some punk, jazz — we’ve just experimented with a lot of different sounds and genres with our music. We’ll throw everything at a song and see what sticks. That’s how we’ve made some of our better songs in the past year.

Milner: It helps we all have completely different music tastes for the most part, too. I feel like a lot of times it makes it really difficult for us to sit down and agree on one certain thing. But when we actually do agree on that one certain thing — since it’s something we all agreed on — it’s something we all love and ends up turning out better.


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