"What's your favorite and least favorite thing about a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?"

Cynthia Donovan

Classified and Digital Advertising Director


"I live to cook Thanksgiving dinner. There is nothing to not like. Great food, great friends and wonderful chatter. My favorite holiday of the year."

Christopher Braunschweig

Staff Writer


"If I'm judging by what's on my plate the most, then my favorite part about Thanksgiving dinner is the gravy. My least favorite is sweet potatoes. No matter how much my taste buds change, I don't think I'll ever enjoy those nasty things."

Earl Horlyk

Staff Writer


"Favorite: pumpkin pie with gobs of whipped cream. Least favorite: surprisingly, everything else. I’ve never been a big turkey fan."

Jeremy Heizelman

Account Executive


"Favorite: stuffing. Least favorite: pumpkin pie. I will never be convinced that anything pumpkin or pumpkin spiced is worth consuming."

Nikki Ahlquist

Graphic Designer


"Turkey is one of my favorites! Also seeing family that I haven’t seen for a while. My least favorite is when stores open on Thanksgiving, it’s just not right!"