"What was the best costume you ever wore for Halloween?"

Cynthia Donovan

Classified and Digital Advertising Director


"I dressed up as the pink panther. I was skinnier in those days so pink tights actually didn’t make people run away!"

Christopher Braunschweig

Staff Writer


"I remember one year a family friend made me a Zorro costume. It was an all-black getup complete with hat, mask and cape. That cape was the best part, too! I'd run around as fast as I could just to make it flutter about."

Earl Horlyk

Staff Writer


"In middle school, I borrowed one of my dad’s old suits and went as a 'Burning Down the House'-era version of the Talking Head’s David Byrne."

Jeremy Heizelman

Account Executive


"Me and a couple buddies dressed up as the cast of Anchorman. I was Brick. I love lamp."

Nikki Ahlquist

Graphic Designer


"One costume that is standing out in my mind is one year I went as Cookie Monster. It had the plastic mask that made it hard to see and breathe through… ahh the good old days."